Friday, December 28, 2012

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...I'm just doing an old composition of Ben's....

 But if you want to know why I'm giving this a trial.... should check out Papa's Blog within the next day or two.

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Always There

This is not my writing, but Wednesday's daily devotional from Truth for Life. (You can sign up to get the emails here - I highly recommend them.) It was such an encouragement to me, and so beautiful, I wanted to share it with you:

Always There
I am with you always.
Matthew 28:20

The Lord Jesus is among His people; He walks between the golden candlesticks; His promise is, "I am with you always." He is as surely with us now as He was with the disciples at the lake when they saw coals of fire and fish being prepared for breakfast. Not physically, but still in reality, Jesus is with us. And an important truth this is, for where Jesus is, love becomes passionate. Of all the things in the world that can set the heart burning, there is nothing like the presence of Jesus! A glimpse of Him is so overwhelming that we are ready to say, "Turn away Your eyes from me, for they have overcome me." Even the fragrance of the aloes and the myrrh and the cinnamon, which linger on His perfumed garments, causes the sick and the faint to grow strong.
A moment's leaning of the head upon that gracious chest, welcoming His divine love into our poor cold hearts, and suddenly we are no longer cold but shine like seraphs, equal to every task and capable of bearing every suffering. If we know that Jesus is with us, every power will be heightened, and every grace will be strengthened, and we will cast ourselves into the Lord's service with heart and soul and strength; therefore the presence of Christ is to be desired above all things. His presence will be realized most by those who are most like Him.
If you desire to see Christ, you must grow in conformity to Him. Bring yourself, by the power of the Spirit, into union with Christ's desires and motives and plans of action, and you are likely to be favored with His company.
Remember, His presence may be enjoyed. His promise is as true as ever. He delights to be with us. If He does not come, it is because we hinder Him by our indifference. He will reveal Himself to our sincere prayers and graciously allow Himself to be detained by our cries and by our tears, for these are the golden chains that bind Jesus to His people.

The passion of His love and daily joy of His presence - these are the two things I want more than anything else in the world! Pray that all we His "chosen people" (I Peter 2:9) around the world would open our hearts to Him and serve Him with total abandon of everything else. He will fill us to overflowing.

Praise to the King!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Christmas Letter

My family is not the most renowned for consistent Christmas letters. In the past, a good year consisted in taking a family picture. Some letters were so late that we had to re-title them as "Easter Updates." For several years, we sent nothing. Sometimes it just happens that way.

Finally, two years ago, we decided it was time we re-connected with the Christmas Card World and wrote a letter. One, double-sided, size-10-font, quarter-inch-margins, sheet-of-paper letter. Success! Sadly, it was not to last. 2011 was another year of silence from the Coder household. Let's just say, living in a family with ten kids, Christmas updates are difficult. Last year's condensed version:

Dear friends and family,
We are well. Sarah is still teaching piano and violin. Ben is still at school as a mechanical engineer. Emily and younger are all still being home schooled. Some kids are in orchestra (still). Daddy still has a job, Mommy is still teaching the Littles.
the Coders.

OR, one can go into greater detail, granting each person a paragraph, and end up with a book instead of a letter. Which consequently no one will read. Which ironically results in family and friends knowing as little about our goings-on as if we'd sent nothing. Which, we did.

So maybe I have finally discovered a "con" to living in a big family.

Anyway, this year, (no one desirous of the job of detailing the doings of each and every one of us) mama opted to simply make three lists: favorite books, favorite hikes, and favorite "happenings." Rachel sent out an email requesting everyone to send in his/her "favorite of the year" in each of these categories, and then compiled the lists. Mama printed out a picture (sadly NOT of the family, but of just "us kids" on our all-time favorite hike this year), and...that was our letter?

We thought and brainstormed and pondered and considered - for several days. Our three sad lists sat lonely on the computer, immovable until someone came up with a mode of presentation. And then, poof! one Saturday morning, an idea came!

This will make varying levels of sense to you, depending on whether you've read Dickens, Lousia May Alcott, or just watched "Little Women." And so, without further ado, our Christmas letter!

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating the truest Gift, and that it encouraged you to keep Christmas in your hearts all year 'round!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Two Lists

Photo Credit

If, today, time set me free,
Released me to Eternity,
Loos'd my body-bound, cramped soul,
To wing toward home - Oh blessed pull!
If forewarned, I knew the day,
The time, the place, the means, the way,
Then, I know, two lists I'd find
Engraved, heart-deep, within my mind.
Two lists - one silent plea.
First for "had" my heart would yearn
As untouched aspirations burn
Hot, with shame for goals unreached
Which should and could have been achieved.
"Had" I only tithed my time,
A tenth from friends to those in crime.
Broken hearts, lives grasped by sin,
And I not there to speak of Him!
"Had, had" - it haunts each turn.
"Had" - the thoughts crowd, choking air -
Had I the fortitude to dare
Love to speak, its truth, its pow'r.
God's love to all, through me, each hour.
Spoken, such a word does sway
All focus from life's whir'ling fray.
When upon great Love one rests
All hateful things (greed, selfishness)
Grow useless, dull, and rare.
No reprieve from piercing thoughts
Is granted me in the "had-nots".
Knowing, watching today's sun
I'd wish I "had not" this race run
Prayerless - or so nearly so
That I did only half-way grow.
Quiv'ring birch 'mongst ancient oaks
With tremb'ling faith that often chokes
And, but for Grace, would rot.
Oh, I wish in patience I
"Had not" refused again to try
Books unread and songs unplayed
With Little, learning fingers' aid.
And I wish I had not giv'n
Study of the One, the Ris'n
For a few more moments' rest.
What thankless trade of laziness
For spirit, parched and dry!
If, today, time set me free,
Released me to Eternity,
Throwing off sin's weight I'd soar
To live with Glory, evermore.
Joy consumes one, waiting thus,
But while my spirit's bound by dust,
Lists upon my heart I'll keep
Lest in the end I fall asleep.
For thieves come quietly.
"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom." - Psalm 90:12

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: Christmas Craziness

Another video.
I had just about decided not to post another "Watch-It Wednesday" until I had a good number of "normal" posts up, but then...this happened.
The Goofs
It was a lovely evening, Sunday night. Daddy had set up the tree a few days before, and it stood in the great room, bare, waiting to be dressed in the safely-stowed ornaments and lights by its side. Hot apple cider scented the house, Rescue's First Christmas (an all-time family favorite) set the mood, and the Littles were positively giggling (as we did when we were little) at the prospect of hanging the ornaments. 
Daddy & I with our cider
Mama handed out each of our personal family ornaments - each child has a small red heart with his/her full name and birth date, written in mama's lovely hand, inscribed upon it. These are the first to go on the tree each year, but the rest quickly followed: sparkling glass balls, two thick, clumsy-looking iron nails (to remind us of the reason for Christ's birth), the cheap beaded star I got at an ornament exchange as a girl that made me think of Narnia, and many, many more.
Gracie, waiting to decorate
And then it happened. The Littles were rushing around, hanging up the stockings, and setting up the Nativity Scene. Maddy made a point (after a talk we had several days ago) to place the three wise men in a different part of the room (each day they will move a little closer to the scene, until they finally arrive on January 6). Someone acting as DJ had, upon the conclusion of our original CD, turned on Strait No Chaser's Christmas Album, and Ben and Josh were hanging our Great Room indoor lights (a tradition since we added on to the house 5 years ago), when "the song" hit. The song our family was in stitches over when we first discovered it years ago. The song that takes full credit for Daddy introducing me to Toto's "Africa". The song which gave us our only reason for purchasing this CD. And Josh stopped working. And Ben stopped working. And I had to grab our bleh-quality point-and-shoot camera to capture the moment before it slipped away.
hanging stockings

Because the wee camera is so "bleh", I had to redo the audio, but as you can tell, their timing was pretty impeccable...At least, I hope you can tell ~ I'll try to remember to grab the better-quality camera next time! :)
So that is why I had to post a "Watch-It Wednesday" today...You know what? Starting tomorrow, there are only twelve days 'til Christmas. Crazy, huh?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: 'First Olympics'

Hello, lovelies! Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth last week. Our internet dropped us like a bad habit, and we were in the dark ages for about three days.! Finally back and catching up on stuff... So here's a laugh for your Wednesday!

Have an Olympics-Worthy Week!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Make-It Monday: Memories

Thanksgiving behind us, Christmas before us, many of my projects and crafts have turned in the direction of gifts. There are some few spare items floating around that I will post about eventually - socks, leg warmers, fingerless gloves - but in the meantime, I will reminisce about my favorite things to make: memories!

A few years back, a small, dear group of friends and I began what was to become our annual "Beach Weekend." A teeny-tiny cottage by the beach, complete with pint-sized hot tub and quirky but endearing leopard-print carpet was our original destination (you can read about our first adventure here, but no one blogged Year Two, to my knowledge). Due to shaky schedules and questionable availability of "our" cottage this year, however, we opted for an entirely different experience: A weekend in Portland! It was such fun to explore a city we all live near (our hotel was a mere half hour from my house!) but rarely peruse. Despite the fact that two of our gang were in and out because of school and work, we had a grand time!

Day One was our shopping day...

We took the max downtown, and popped into all sorts of fun places. Tea Zone, Anthropologie, Powell's -

{I do beg pardon, but I must interrupt myself here for a (brief?) paragraph about Powell's! The largest used-and-new bookstore this side of the Mississippi, Powell's takes up an entire city block and stands an impressive three stories tall. We wandered around in dream-like delight, blissfully ignorant of all time, for several hours. I love having friends as book-crazy as I! Exercising GREAT restraint, I bought only two books: a brand-new Wuthering Heights (after reading it, I had to own it), and an old (and copyright-date-less) A Child's History of England by Dickens which I had been longing for ever since Anthony Esolen's mention of it in Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child. I could here launch myself onto a soap box about how much I love that Dickens and MacDonald (to name only two) wrote children's stories using complex sentences and large vocabularies - relying upon the interest of the subject to keep Littles engaged - rather than using 3-letter words in 4-word sentences, but I shall hop right back down again and get back to our weekend. :)}
- as I was saying, Powell's and any other shops that struck our fancy along the way. As you can see from the pictures, it was characteristically windy and rainy, but beyond an umbrella flying up in completely the wrong direction, we were none the worse for wear!
Nonetheless, we were glad to get back to our {luxurious-feeling} hotel room, change into warm, dry clothes, and commence all sorts of goofiness refined entertainment. From four of us "hiding" under the covers in an attempt to keep one tired friend from going to bed, to playing "chubby bunnies" with exceptionally juicy grapes, I think we must not have had many rooms around us occupied, or our noise would surely have turned out many disgruntled neighbors!
What seemed like a few short hours later, we were up and breakfasting, having bid adieu to one friend, and waiting hopefully for the arrival of another. Settling down with notebooks and Bibles, we worshiped together that Sunday morning in our room, with mugs of steaming tea and a wonderful sermon by Alistair Begg. Our theme for the weekend, the lesson that seemed to repeat itself over and over, was the overwhelming truth that every insignificant thing - the quietest person, the most mundane schedule, the smallest choice - does not merely "matter in eternity", but has the power, by God's miraculous grace and pleasure, to transform the lives and futures of all around us. Even the coffee cup from the breakfast room reminded us...
We Know Small Choices Make a World of Difference
After worship, we had lunch, hit a few shops, and came "home" to dress up for our special evening! Salt and Straw ice cream (now a highly-recommended P-town stop!) was our first destination. Notorious for its unique flavors (the most popular being Salted Carmel Ice Cream), Lauren, Mikaela, and Kaytra bought Lavender Honey Ice Cream (it was delish!) while I opted for the slightly stranger-sounding Cardamon Ice Cream With Carrot Custard And Pistachio Butter Cream (in case you couldn't tell, I forgot the actual name). Scary-sounding though it be, it was a true treat of unique and tastefully blended flavors.
Stop number two was a lovely church hosting the beautiful performance of Bach's Cantata Number 8 ~ it was wonderful! Finally, we finished our evening out with a trip to the original Old Spaghetti Factory. Back at the hotel, we played games, ate cookie dough, and watched the entire four hours of North and South from start to finish. Thus ended a delightful Day Two.
Monday morning dawned far too early, but as we rolled out of bed we were greeted with the happy prospect of a Tea Taste Testing (thank you, Lauren and Mikaela)!
A trip to the store, a visit to a friend to congratulate her on finishing a test, and the weekend was over {far too soon}. Next year, if the LORD wills, we will return to our little cottage by the sea, but I (for one) will never forget the year we did our "Beach Weekend" in Portland!
There is, of course, so much more to spending a few days with wonderful, Christ-seeking friends than shops and restaurants. Together, we eccstatically discovered a "new" author of whom we'd never heard (Joseph Addison) and shared histories and lessons that, in the telling, served to pull us tighter together as sisters in Christ. I am so grateful for these dear, dear girls I call my friends! These memories...they'll last forever. :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: The Debate

And so the chaos begins - I love Thanksgiving! Mama's currently making her second "last trip" to the grocery store (the second of many, if history truly repeats itself) and we're madly writing lists for what needs to be done between now and 2pm tomorrow afternoon: cleaning the house in anticipation for my cousin's arrival (so jazzed about that! Most of us haven't seen him for a few years!!), decorating with our small assortment of Thanksgiving smiles, baking gingerbread for the houses we decorate Thanksgiving morning, and I -- I get to make the pies.

We like our pies, here. It is a great tradition to make far more pie than we could ever possibly eat after a full Thanksgiving meal, thus leaving the left-overs for breakfast the next morning (or next several mornings, as the case may be). Nonetheless, despite the delightfulness of my delectable job, Thanksgiving week always dawns with its fair share of controversy in the dessert department: traditional pumpkin pie, or southern sweet potato?

My daddy loves his pumpkin pie - the flavor, the tradition, the unquestionable "right-ness" of having pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. I mean, it's practically a rule, yes? As necessary to the Meal of Gratefulness as a turkey! Me? I can't handle pumpkin pie - never have been able to. Gracious, it's not the flavor! I love pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin lattes - but the thick-and-creamy texture of the pumpkin pie is too much of an overload for me, so I prefer the lighter (but similarly-flavored) sweet potato option.

Now, as I said, we like our pies - so we are fortunately saved from the awful fate of ending our discussion in fork-stabbing by the obvious solution of making both! However, inevitably, in the course of our traditional debate, the following song surfaces...for obvious reasons. {My mama was a Texan girl, and let me tell you - I like these good ol' country songs far more than the stuff being written today!).} Even the pumpkin-eaters can't help singing along!

Which do you prefer - pumpkin or sweet potato? Vote and let me know! Meanwhile, I'm off to make this year's six (6) pies of choice: sweet potato, pumpkin, pecan, peanut butter silk (a family tradition), apple, and sugar-free apple (for my grandma :). Happy Thanksgiving-Day preparations to you!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Meeting Place

Photo Credit
Things have grown rather quiet in SarahJayne's blogland. There are some wonderfully faithful bloggers - and I love reading your blogs, regardless of my lack of comments! - but for me, writing for the benefit of the world wide web seems to have slipped quietly into the shadows of LIFE. Often - sometimes multiple times a day - I think to myself "I should blog about _______." But alas, I seem to be lacking in not only time, but also inspiration. So for now, you persevering readers, I re-post this little poem I wrote a few years ago under similar duress. It has never been properly named, but the title I'm liking this evening - excuse me, this morning - is "The Meeting Place" - what do you think?


A hundred thoughts run through my head,
And all, I think, of worthy note,
So settle I, and take my pen,
Happy, these empty sheets to coat.
When, suddenly, my mind is blank,
A dismal echo of the page.
I stop, and wait, and wish away
The hopeless hold of my mind's cage.
Yet - gone - I find my tales untold,
Of sun, and smiles, and lessons learned,
And in their place a gaping hole,
From whence no lonely thought's returned.
So, sighing now, my pen I lay
Back down upon this empty sheet,
Unhapp'ly going 'bout my way,
'Til thoughts and words on paper meet.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: "Big Ego" in Turkish

Imagine this: You are the greatest military commander of all time, you have an immensely good opinion of yourself, and you've just taken yet another city. What is the first thing you're going to do?

Listen to your advisers and study least well enough to know your own name! :p Wishing you a happy and humble Wednesday!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Make-It Monday: Muffins, Granola, and Blogs (Oh My!)

Happy October Monday! Is it as lovely where you are as it is here? Cloudless blue sky, trees with a multitude of colors, afternoons in the 70s...autumn in the Northwest is wonderful! :)


I've been saving up for this Make-It Monday. Not on purpose, necessarily, but because I just haven't gotten around to posting, the last few weeks. In the first place, I have been making breakfast with the Twinkles, and they both wanted to get pictures for me to post. It's the same lovely laptop camera, but it makes them happy, so without further ado...

Megs and I got up one morning, and decided to make muffins!

I was going to post the recipe but...I can't remember which one it was. :) I do know we substituted honey for sugar, and flax seed for over half the eggs, so it was fun to show "Nellie" (my recent nickname for her - don't ask) how to make and figure out the differences.

Muffins, home-made plum jam, and tea - what could be better?

They were delish!
And then we have the next week, with Maddy...

Before we were quite sure what we were making...

We decided on granola! Chopped macadamia nuts, almonds, and dry rolled oats, mixed into yogurt, jam, and honey ~ it was pretty good! :)
The last thing I've made (or am in the process of making) to share with you this Monday is ~ as you've probably deduced from the title ~ a blog! Yes, another one. I decided, the other day, to put together a blog for my music students/parents. On the practical side, there will be the policy, the schedule, pictures of the various bow exercises for violin students, competition updates... But this is where I need your help: What would you want on a blog your music teacher had? Information about concerts in the area? Music in the news? Book/movie reviews? My students are mostly in the 6-16 age range, so there's a wide spectrum of potential interest. What would make it fun? Check out the "under construction" deal here, and give me some feedback. I'm positively greedy for ideas, so even if you're a reader who never comments, or a person just passin' by this blog, hit me with any and every cool (and practical) brainstorms you have!
Happy Monday!

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Tale of Windows - Part II

(for Part I, click here)

(228/365) brighter than sunshine
Photo Credit
...If you leave the smudges, you will soon loose everything else. You already avoid the light. You already see nothing beyond your own pane.

"But..." my voice faded to a whisper as the realization dawned upon me:
They were my smudges.
My house. My windows. My smudges.
Wordlessly, I filled a bucket and picked up a sponge. Painfully, I dipped into the warm, soapy water and began to scrub. May no one ever know what it cost me to clean that first window! I felt the dirt, the grease, and the mold scrub off as though the filth was torn fom my very soul. I cried unrestrainedly, finding it necessary to stop my work every few minutes to exchange foul-smelling black water for fresh, clear water from the tap.
But as I finished that first window, as the light came pouring in with greater beauty than I could ever remember, I caught my first glimpse of life beyond the pane. Beautiful world! The second window was cleaned so quickly, I didn't even have time to remember how each smudge it held had come into existence. I wanted to see again! I wanted the dirt gone! I wanted others to come and marvel at the view with me! The smudges were nothing, compared to the glorious light and immaculate sight that clean windows offered!

...I was there, I must confess, for hours. Never before, and never since, have my windows seen such thickly-laid smudges. A few times, I came upon a smear so big, so hard to eradicate, so vivid in the memory of how it came to be, that I almost gave up. But then I would hear the musical "Keep going! You are only just beginning to really see!" from the pure, untainted light shining beside me, and I knew I couldn't stop.

Now, when the sun rises each morning, it finds me sitting before my windows, waiting. As it pierces through the crystal-clear panes, my joy knows no bounds. Yes, smudges still come, often daily, but now I know the truth. The effort to clean my windows is nothing compared to the glorious light I see through spotless panes. If I scrub them faithfully, immediately, never leaving a single smudge through the night, I receive the greatest of rewards:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: Our Identity

This isn't the post/video I was planning on posting today, but sometimes you are just so surrounded with a theme, that it's impossible to ignore, you know? Lately, the LORD has been teaching me so much, I feel like I don't have enough pens and paper to be writing it all down - and I'm filling out sheets and sheets!
Here are some beautifully encouraging lessons on God's love and grace; which, as He has bestowed them upon us, give us a whole new identity: that of a child of the King. First, you really should read Alistar Begg's devotional here. (And while you're there, sign up for the daily emails - they are such an encouragement to read each morning.) Are you, like Daniel, a "man greatly loved"?
And here's a song I've been listening to over and over's become my theme song, this last week, echoing precisely my thoughts and prayers as, daily, I realize more and more just how badly I mess up:
Beautiful, isn't it? Our Father's love and grace - there is nothing as lovely and glorious. He is so sufficient for all we could ever need. Rest joyously in this, and have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

For Jenny

Dear Jenny,

You have no idea what all I've learned in the course of trying to get a single picture for you...

1. I've learned that I really, really don't like the quality of my laptop camera.

2. I've confirmed that self-portraits are soo not cool, and that I'm better behind a lens than in front.

3. I learned that I have a very pointy nose. Yes, I'd gone 21 years of life without realizing it! :p

And all for you. All 'cause you asked. Here it is ~ appreciate it, for it will not happen again! :)

(notice I chose the nose-cropped-out photo :)

Your now-cross-eyed friend,

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Tale of Windows - Part I

fall through the window
Photo Credit
The sunlight came suddenly and brilliantly. Streaming and sparkling its way through the panes, it bestowed one beautiful, golden-morning kiss on the welcoming sun room.

In my dreams.

Clenching my fists and gritting my teeth as the warmth hit my back, I turned angrily to survey the brazen light's handiwork. Prickles of irritation raced up my spine at the sight.


Big and little, high and low, from one side to the other - my windows were covered in greasy, grimy smears. There were smudges from drooling babies and sticky-mouthed toddlers. Smudges from careless young people and oblivious old ones. Smudges from dearest friends and hated enemies. Never had I met a soul - be he kind or cruel - who had left my windows free of his grime. Some few had realized their mistakes, had tried to right the wrong, but I could see their dirty fingerprints still.

After a while, the panes had grown so blurry - more like fogged glass than smeared windows - and I so used to the dirt, that I could see only smudges. As far as I was concerned, no landscape existed beyond the glass. How I despised those two things which brought the smears before my eyes and memory: friends (who continued to leave fingerprints - I had remedied that by shutting my doors to them) and sunlight. Unstoppable sunlight.

Of course, I could - by closing blinds, wearing dark glasses, or shutting myself in a closet - avoid seeing the light. Yet the very knowledge that, heedless of my effors, it would shine upon those dirty panes, day after day, was pure torture. And for some reason, somehow, I felt a sickening pull to watch the light mock me each morning. I couldn't help looking, and I hated to see.

You could clean them, you know.

I shook my head vehemently, slamming my still-clenched fists to my ears. This was worst part of my morning vigil. Every time the light glowed through my fogged windows, the persistent gleam suggested this thought. Daily, I repulsed it.

"No! It's not for me to do! Did I put the smudges there? Was I so careless? No! They made the smudges!" - oh, the inexhaustible list of "theys" in my mind! - "They did! They ought to clean them! Common decency demands it! Friendship - if they still call themselves friends - demands it! It is theirs to do!"

I spun around, eyes snapped shut, trying to black out the light, the windows, and everything else. Trying to hold the tears inside.

To be continued...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: Yo!

Hello wonderful people! Have you realized just how many "Watch-It Wednesday"s I have in a row here? Yeah, well, I have too...suffice to say, it's been a crazy summer. The fair, family vacation, Les Miserables in San Fransisco, Family Camp...the list goes on - busy, busy summer, these last two months have been. Finally, however, we are settling down to normal life again next week, and I can safely promise you that there will begin to be at least one post between each of the videos to break up the monotony on this blog. :)

In the's a funny commercial that Daddy was quoting to us the other day... Enjoy!

Yo, friends! Have a great Wednesday!! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: Blessings

Leiah showed me this song the other reminds me of James 1, and seems to be a theme I've been surrounded with, lately. From the sermon I heard Sunday, in which the pastor encouraged us to always "meet frustration with expectation" (specifically, in "petty" frustrations), to the novel I'm reading which spent nearly an entire chapter on the subject, I feel like I'm being possibly prepped for a trial - whether it is of mountain or mole-hill size.

Even if I'm not, this song is a beautiful reminder to not view things through the worldly eyes of immediate circumstance. I hope it blesses you all!

Have a blessed Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: God Will Take Care of You

I saw this the other day on Jessica's blog and couldn't help but re-post it here. The wee man is just too adorable for words!

Tell me that didn't just put a couple cups of smiles and a spoonful of chuckles in your day! Chin up, and whatever you're doing, wherever this day takes you, remember: He will take care of you!
Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: Fading Flowers

If only we could always hold on to this perspective of who we are by ourselves, who we are in Christ, and how GREAT our Saviour is. This song gives me goosebumps every time...

Have a beautiful Wednesday, remembering Who our King is!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

All About 'Cha - Part II

-yellow- flower at the backyard
Photo Credit
Hello, dears! Long time, no see! I'm finally home from an amazing week-and-a-half of vacation, and have been spun around to start planning for one of the bestest weekends of the year: Family Camp! A couple of us had a planning session with Pastor just this surprises that it's gonna be another rad Labor Day Weekend!!

So, at some point I'll let you all see pictures and hear about the family vacation.

Not because you are dying to hear all about it, but because this blog doubles - er, triples - as a journal and scrapbook for me (as well as, you know, a letter to you guys every now and then).

HOWEVER, in a desire to have no loose ends flapping around here, I'm first going to finish up Miss Jo's wonderful blog tag, and call a few more of you to join the fun!

Here goes Part II:

1. Cherries or blueberries?
Blueberries! Cherries are fine - I love all sorts of fresh fruit - but you'd definitely see me making a bee-line for those delicious, pit-less, blue bundles of yummy.

2. Vanilla or chocolate?
Ice cream - vanilla.
Everything else - chocolate.
The ice cream can have chocolate syrup on it.

follow it
Photo Credit

3. What is your favorite song?
This question is just wrong. A favorite song? Really? Can't do it. I was just listening to Michael Card, so I'll say "God's Own Fool", but...I like a lot of other songs, too.

4. What is your favorite activity?
*Hears Brian Regan's "Is this a good activity??"*

I like reading. I like playing music. And listening to music. Talking. I like friends. Shopping. I like clothes. And antiques. And jewelry. And... Dancing. I like dancing. Baking. I like food....

Seriously. Who has a "FAVORITE, above-all-else" activity?

5. Have you ever left the country you live in?
Twice! (How spoiled am I??) When I turned 15 I got to go to upstate NY w/daddy, and we went over to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. When I was...16 I think...I got to go to England with my aunt. London, Oxford, and Bath, for anyone who's wondering. Walked the fav walk of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Dressed in Regency attire for a JA festival in Bath. Walked along the Thames at midnight. Went to an Agatha Christie play. Shopped some amazing outdoor London markets.

...sorry, where were we?

6. What is on the floor of your closet right now?
If I listed everything, you'd get bored. And maybe disgusted by the sheer amount. So, briefly: shoes, shoe boxes for OCC, two boxes of books ('cause I'm out of book case room), yarn, a stool, a roll of brown paper, and, *ahem* plenty more.

7. What did you do last night?
I really like this question. Not because I have an amazing answer, but just because it's fun and kind of unique.
We (as in, the quartet) played lobby music for the "Royal Rosarians' [long story - don't ask] Knighting Ceremony" and went to Carls Jr for french fries (thanks, Ben!). Later, I visited with friends, showered, and read Little Dorrit. :)

8. What are you most afraid of?
I don't know. I'm not really afraid of much. Becoming numb to the Holy Spirit. Change - loosing touch with people I love.

9. If you had the option, would you choose a fun drink or an edible snack?
Fun drink. Love yummy drinks. 'specially fruit-flavored ones.

10. What is your favorite day of the week?
Wednesday. It's my day where I have no obligations - I go over to Grandma and Grandpa's to craft w/Grandma. Also, it's the middle of the week! If it's been a bad week, I only have two more days to live through, if it's a good week...every day is my favorite! :)

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11. What is your favorite breed of dog?
I don't...really know dog breeds. I like bigger dogs that don't smell. :p

12. What is your favorite genre of literature?
Hmm...that's a toughy. Historical fiction, anything C.S. Lewis (he wrote several different genres), fairy tales (unashamedly), history shtuff, and any genre with interesting information in it (as opposed to...boring information).

13. Diamonds or pearls?
Pearls, I think. Although, I have a lovely ring, and pair of earrings (both from my dad) with tiny diamonds which I love. Mostly, I don't like big and chunky of either. :)

14. What is your favorite type of flower?
I love flowers. All flowers. I suppose if I was pressed into choosing, I would choose pink roses.

Six Mile Beach - Port Hedland
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15. What is an item on your bucket list?
Hehehe - I didn't keep one for a while, but I'm beginning to think I should! One thing: bonfire on the beach, 'til long after dark, singing and talking with good friends.

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