Friday, September 28, 2012

A Tale of Windows - Part I

fall through the window
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The sunlight came suddenly and brilliantly. Streaming and sparkling its way through the panes, it bestowed one beautiful, golden-morning kiss on the welcoming sun room.

In my dreams.

Clenching my fists and gritting my teeth as the warmth hit my back, I turned angrily to survey the brazen light's handiwork. Prickles of irritation raced up my spine at the sight.


Big and little, high and low, from one side to the other - my windows were covered in greasy, grimy smears. There were smudges from drooling babies and sticky-mouthed toddlers. Smudges from careless young people and oblivious old ones. Smudges from dearest friends and hated enemies. Never had I met a soul - be he kind or cruel - who had left my windows free of his grime. Some few had realized their mistakes, had tried to right the wrong, but I could see their dirty fingerprints still.

After a while, the panes had grown so blurry - more like fogged glass than smeared windows - and I so used to the dirt, that I could see only smudges. As far as I was concerned, no landscape existed beyond the glass. How I despised those two things which brought the smears before my eyes and memory: friends (who continued to leave fingerprints - I had remedied that by shutting my doors to them) and sunlight. Unstoppable sunlight.

Of course, I could - by closing blinds, wearing dark glasses, or shutting myself in a closet - avoid seeing the light. Yet the very knowledge that, heedless of my effors, it would shine upon those dirty panes, day after day, was pure torture. And for some reason, somehow, I felt a sickening pull to watch the light mock me each morning. I couldn't help looking, and I hated to see.

You could clean them, you know.

I shook my head vehemently, slamming my still-clenched fists to my ears. This was worst part of my morning vigil. Every time the light glowed through my fogged windows, the persistent gleam suggested this thought. Daily, I repulsed it.

"No! It's not for me to do! Did I put the smudges there? Was I so careless? No! They made the smudges!" - oh, the inexhaustible list of "theys" in my mind! - "They did! They ought to clean them! Common decency demands it! Friendship - if they still call themselves friends - demands it! It is theirs to do!"

I spun around, eyes snapped shut, trying to black out the light, the windows, and everything else. Trying to hold the tears inside.

To be continued...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: Yo!

Hello wonderful people! Have you realized just how many "Watch-It Wednesday"s I have in a row here? Yeah, well, I have too...suffice to say, it's been a crazy summer. The fair, family vacation, Les Miserables in San Fransisco, Family Camp...the list goes on - busy, busy summer, these last two months have been. Finally, however, we are settling down to normal life again next week, and I can safely promise you that there will begin to be at least one post between each of the videos to break up the monotony on this blog. :)

In the's a funny commercial that Daddy was quoting to us the other day... Enjoy!

Yo, friends! Have a great Wednesday!! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: Blessings

Leiah showed me this song the other reminds me of James 1, and seems to be a theme I've been surrounded with, lately. From the sermon I heard Sunday, in which the pastor encouraged us to always "meet frustration with expectation" (specifically, in "petty" frustrations), to the novel I'm reading which spent nearly an entire chapter on the subject, I feel like I'm being possibly prepped for a trial - whether it is of mountain or mole-hill size.

Even if I'm not, this song is a beautiful reminder to not view things through the worldly eyes of immediate circumstance. I hope it blesses you all!

Have a blessed Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: God Will Take Care of You

I saw this the other day on Jessica's blog and couldn't help but re-post it here. The wee man is just too adorable for words!

Tell me that didn't just put a couple cups of smiles and a spoonful of chuckles in your day! Chin up, and whatever you're doing, wherever this day takes you, remember: He will take care of you!
Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: Fading Flowers

If only we could always hold on to this perspective of who we are by ourselves, who we are in Christ, and how GREAT our Saviour is. This song gives me goosebumps every time...

Have a beautiful Wednesday, remembering Who our King is!