Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: Christmas Craziness

Another video.
I had just about decided not to post another "Watch-It Wednesday" until I had a good number of "normal" posts up, but then...this happened.
The Goofs
It was a lovely evening, Sunday night. Daddy had set up the tree a few days before, and it stood in the great room, bare, waiting to be dressed in the safely-stowed ornaments and lights by its side. Hot apple cider scented the house, Rescue's First Christmas (an all-time family favorite) set the mood, and the Littles were positively giggling (as we did when we were little) at the prospect of hanging the ornaments. 
Daddy & I with our cider
Mama handed out each of our personal family ornaments - each child has a small red heart with his/her full name and birth date, written in mama's lovely hand, inscribed upon it. These are the first to go on the tree each year, but the rest quickly followed: sparkling glass balls, two thick, clumsy-looking iron nails (to remind us of the reason for Christ's birth), the cheap beaded star I got at an ornament exchange as a girl that made me think of Narnia, and many, many more.
Gracie, waiting to decorate
And then it happened. The Littles were rushing around, hanging up the stockings, and setting up the Nativity Scene. Maddy made a point (after a talk we had several days ago) to place the three wise men in a different part of the room (each day they will move a little closer to the scene, until they finally arrive on January 6). Someone acting as DJ had, upon the conclusion of our original CD, turned on Strait No Chaser's Christmas Album, and Ben and Josh were hanging our Great Room indoor lights (a tradition since we added on to the house 5 years ago), when "the song" hit. The song our family was in stitches over when we first discovered it years ago. The song that takes full credit for Daddy introducing me to Toto's "Africa". The song which gave us our only reason for purchasing this CD. And Josh stopped working. And Ben stopped working. And I had to grab our bleh-quality point-and-shoot camera to capture the moment before it slipped away.
hanging stockings

Because the wee camera is so "bleh", I had to redo the audio, but as you can tell, their timing was pretty impeccable...At least, I hope you can tell ~ I'll try to remember to grab the better-quality camera next time! :)
So that is why I had to post a "Watch-It Wednesday" today...You know what? Starting tomorrow, there are only twelve days 'til Christmas. Crazy, huh?


Rachel said...

That just makes it another favorite Christmas song.... :)

{Kaytra} said...

Wow. I laughed super hard. good job with the audio, and kudos to the guys for the hand motions and everything. :)

Lynnae said...

That's so great...they had the lip sinking down perfectly! :)

Ruthie H. said...

Oh, that was great! The guys did a great job and I loved the cameo appearance of Dad, too. :)

Jo said...

Wow--this is so...wonderful. :) You had us all laughing here at the Stephan household!!