Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Watch-It Wednesday: If I Stand

Have you noticed that "Watch-It Wednesdays" are more frequently "Listen-To-This Wednesdays"? I considered re-titling them "Wordless Wednesdays," but then I'd feel compelled to not write anything and, well - we all know how much I like to talk, right?

This is an old song. An old song raw with a time-transcendent longing for heaven. An old song fresh with the realization of who we are before Christ. An old song marveling at the mystery of beauty around us, refusing to be enraptured even by the "good," in the precious hope of the perfect.

If you stand, stand on the promise. If you fall, fall on the grace. If you sing, sing for the Lord's joy. If you weep, weep with longing.

Have a blessed Wednesday!

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Quick Note from a Mildly~Distracted Blog Negleter

Dear blog,

I have missed you! Rest assured, I am doing well, but am, quite simply, spinning out of Thanksgiving and into Christmas - just as I felt I was settling into the fall schedules!!

It's been a good couple months, though. In October, I ran the color race with Benj - a new experience, and one I definitely hope to have again! Additionally, the month held hikes, cider pressing, and a trip into Portland to visit Powell's with two fellow book addicts, JT and Jacob!

November (Yikes! Can you believe it isn't November anymore? Scary...) marked the beginning of the craziness fun. Our annual Girls' Weekend to the beach was, once again, "the best ever" (how can that be true every year? But it is...). I am sorry I didn't bring you along, but Mikaela brought One Bright Corner, so you can catch up with her there. Suffice to say, stormy weather, Bleak House, tea by the kettle-full, shopping, laughing, crying, and studying the Bible together combined to define our four days, and brought us home encouraged and refreshed (if a little sleep-deprived)! Then, of course, there was Thanksgiving! Cousins, gingerbread houses, hikes...we are just coming out of a special weekend, and find ourselves in December! Yesterday afternoon we went tree-hunting, and now our garage smells like pine and our house resounds with Christmas music!

Which brings me to today, the first Monday in December. There's my symphony concert coming up, a studio recital & New Year's ball to plan, concerts and parties to attend, friends to see, Christmas shopping & wrapping to do, Christmas cookies to bake, Christmas letters to write, and a miraculous event that happened quietly and virtually unnoticed 2000 years ago to celebrate with every thought and deed.

It's going to be a good month.