Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NOT a Five Minute Friday {Rambling}

"It's really time for you to post something besides 'Five Minute Fridays'," Rachel told me yesterday.

Therefore, in the spirit of obedience, I am pleased to bring you the following announcements:

1. I am pleased to announce that my head has not fallen off and been kicked into the mud by a horse.

Although, several times in the last few weeks, I have had to use super glue and duct tape to keep it in place.

2. I am pleased to announce that exactly 33% of each program is printed for my Studio Recital this Friday.

So much for getting it done early. I went to the print shop Tuesday to print off all the programs and returned with a lovely, thick stack of colored program exteriors (at a mere 4 times the cost of black-and-white). Apparently, the black-and-white printer (and, coincidentally, price) was out of commission. Not to worry. I shall return with my own black-and-white interiors to use the black-and-white printer, at the black-and-white price to copy onto the inside of my colorful programs. Who could really complain about bright & cheery covers, anyway?

3. I am pleased to announce that Rachel's dress did not come apart at the seams while in concert

This naturally made her performance more enjoyable.

4. I am pleased to announce that I am leaving in 13 days for Paris!!!!!!!!!!

What more is there to say?

5. I am pleased to announce that Kaytra and I were not the ones who accidentally licked the gum wall in the wonderful, memory-making jaunt to Seattle.

I promise, the laughter in this picture is in no way related to the shrieks of the unfortunate girl who did lick it. That came later.

The days are slipping by far too quickly. Everywhere I look, I am reminded of the brevity of life ~ how short a time we truly have here on earth to fulfill the mission our King has for us. When we received our first hive of bees the other day, I learned that worker honeybees only live 28 days. What a minute, seemingly meaningless existence! Yet, without the 28-day lives, there would be no honey. After weeks of watching the mother robin build, guard, and sit on her nest in the camellia bush outside our front window, the babies had flown away a mere 18 days after hatching. What a small sliver of time from helplessness to maturity!
untitled yet...
 "When you hit 40," our Pastor said, in a sermon I listened to the other day, "things start slowing down. You just can't do the things you used to be able to do." I was shocked ~ almost frightened at the thought. Two weeks ago, I turned 22. I am half-way to the place when my body will start trying to slow down, will begin to really die. What have I done, to this point, with the energy I have been granted, that will make a difference in the eternal life or death of those around me? Right now, right now, is the time I have been given to work. Am I?


These are my "doings," and my "thinkings," of late. Perhaps, before I leave, there will be more on both. I certainly hope so. Until then (Rachel, don't read this part), there are always Five Minute Fridays. ;)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Minute Friday: View

Sometimes, it's that first moment when you step outside, or when you reach the crest of a hill, or when your eye catches a horizon crowded with color.
Sometimes, it's a mysterious sweetness in the air, or the extra-silky something in the wind, or the way the whole world seems to momentarily still and hold its breath in anticipation.
Whenever, and however, it comes, you always know "it" is there. Something deep inside thrills and freezes, quivering with the plea to hang on to that feeling forever. You close your eyes, trying to hug time into motionlessness, trying to freeze this moment forever, trying to sear it into your brain, so it will never leave.
But even as you try, you know the moment is slipping, the painful thrill of bliss grows dull, and you open your eyes aware of the beauty, loving it, but mourning the loss of that moment gone by.
What is this feeling? Why does it come - always so unexpected? Why can we not hold on to it?
Is it a glimpse into something deeper, something more beautiful we will know when "someday" becomes "forever"?
Or is just the thrill of a lovely view?
Five Minute Friday

 One word. Five minutes. No editing. It's Five Minute Friday!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Song

"Sing unto the LORD," I am told. "Sing unto the LORD the glory due to His name."
How can I sing, when my words do not rhyme?

When my harmony is discord?

When my melody is aimless?

How can I sing, when my lyrics fall shallow?

When my verse is confusion?

And my climax is chaos?

How can I sing?
Gently, He takes me, the Master Musician, and the chords of my heart vibrate.

Sweetly, He plays the forgotten tune of my spirit.

Passionately, His works lift their voices and sing, to the melody He makes in my soul.

His words.

His music.

His song.
Five Minute Friday

 One word. Five minutes. No editing. It's Five Minute Friday!

{photo credcit}

Monday, May 6, 2013

Make-It Monday: A Birthday!


Gracious, what a whirlwind life is right now! Because planning the studio recital, choosing/arranging music for students over the summer, making packing lists, clothing shopping, "just-because" jaunts to Seattle, summer kick-off parties, normal teaching schedules, working, sewing a gown for my sis (another make-it monday! ;), scouring the internet for a good price on return tickets from Glasgow, nailing down final details for travel once across the pond, practicing and rehearsing to accompany a friend, Mother's Day, and trying to keep my room in a semi-sane state isn't enough for the month of May, we also have birthdays! There are moments when I feel a little overwhelmed.

the Twinkles cut camellias & placed them at each spot.
However, we were able to effectively put all that craziness on hold Saturday, as we took a day to celebrate Mama's birthday! While Mumsie and Dad typically celebrate by going to the beach for the day, this year they stayed local ~ even though they were still out 'til evening. We were able to clean the house, decorate, set a formal table (for the high-class Costco pizza the parents brought home), and try out a new cake recipe!
When I asked Mumsie what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday, her response was, "Oh...lemon would be good..." (wait a minute, I have lemon cake on my birthday), "...or lime..." (I've never even heard of a lime cake...maybe key lime pie, but..) "...or orange..." Finally the decision was "Something citrus-y." What's a girl to do but google "Citrus Cake Recipe"? Oh boy, did Google come through for me.

The cake is a delicious, moist, butter cake, with grated lemon & orange zest...

Filling? Some killer lemon curd!

Frost with some delicious orange-flavored frosting...
I promise, I finished frosting it the whole way, this was just when Emmy took the picture :)
And garnish with orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit slices:
Oh! and mint (which you may have to run to the store and purchase, if forgotten)
Check out the recipe here. It will certainly be found in our kitchen again!
Hooray! The birthday girl! :)
Have a Yummy Monday! :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Watch-It Wednesday: One of the Few

Crossover artists in the sphere of violin music rarely impress me. Usually, they either play very well as modern music-makers, OR very well as classical players - rarely do they accomplish both. David Garrett, though, is one of the few. He compromises no quality in his playing ~ tone and amazing precision are evident in whatever he performs. Prepare to be delighted with his rendition of "Carmen" ~ I certainly am!

Have a musical Wednesday!