Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Until Next Week...

Dear blog readers:

For your general information, I have actually been away from home the past 3 Mondays! Thanks to William's game of tag, I had scheduled posts for the first two, but am in the midst of all sort of busyness and therefore must beg your indulgence in excusing another relievingly eerily silent week-beginning.

Anyway, to tide you over until my next spurt of randomness, I hereby bestow upon you both giggles and quips. Courtesy of Pinterest, of course. :p

J.A. for Squirrels

I feel for her. I do.

hehe :p

Poor little bunny, lettuce weep for you.


Everyone reads this with three different voices speaking, right?

Optimism... like a boss

Just like this goose. See a wet spot, think a lake. We're talking mountains out of mole hills here, people.
In the most optimistic sense possible.

Image Via: Crush Cul de Sac


I want to live!! :D

So live a little.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Watch-It Wednesday: Ice Women

Lauren and I were both nominated for the ice bucket challenge this past week, and decided that right after a run was the perfect time to do it! I'd been slightly perturbed by how many people simply donated to the ALS Association without doing some homework on it, first. Thus, my spiel:

It's always been a dream of mine to willingly stand still whilst being dumped with buckets of ice water - NOT! But anyway, thanks, Katie I'm nominating Karen JenkinsTitus Copper, and Katelyn Dawkins to join the fun. You're welcome.  Please know that the ALS Association funds embryonic stem cell research and is therefore not an organization we as Christians should mindlessly support. You three are nominated to donate to a RESEARCHED organization for any cause for which you have a heart. Ice water and $10, or $100 and no ice water. Ready - go! 

Have a cool Wednesday!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Tag Time! {part 2}

Short. Sweet. To-the-point. These are my rules for part 2 of tag. Ready? Here we go!
TAG! Your It!   Played countless games of tag when we were little.  We played at recess, and we also played it at home with all of our neighborhood friends.  Trees were usually base.  Freeze tag was the best!
Part II: List 11 random facts about yourself. (If I can think of that many!)

1. I've signed up for my first-ever half marathon! My friend and I have never done more than 7.5 miles, but hey - we have until May to train, so no prob - right?
First training run - done!
2. One of my goals for this fall is to start learning Korean.
❋ learn korean - colors (hoonsena.tumblr.com)
3. I was tagged in the infamous Ice Bucket Challenge...and delivered! :p For those of you who love to watch people freeze to death and don't have facebook, never fear! It will be showing up on Wednesday for your viewing pleasure...

4. "Beauty and the Beast" is my favorite fairy tale.
beauty and the beast <3 LOVE this
love this picture
5. I have just under 200 books on my easily-accessible shelves, and another massively-sized cardboard box of books from my childhood stuffed to the gills and buried deep within my closet. Also, the overwhelming majority of items on my wishlist from any given website is books.
lovely old tomes
...but you already knew I was a bookaholic
6. I'm one of those annoying people who is no good at sports, yet plays anyway (much to the chagrin of the pros).
Bad at sports
7. Despite the fact that I prefer reading to writing, one of my life goals is to write a children's fairy tale.
so sweet!
8. I'm an avid advocate of kombucha drinking.
9. I have a random "disease" called Raynaud's Phenomenon.

10. A confirmed tea snob, I began working at a tea room this summer with a view to someday open my own tea shop!
Tea vintage typography print Imaginary Tea by hopscotchgraphics   --  Sometimes a cup of tea is shared with a friend, a book, music, an unfocused gaze out your window.  -but each cup is a journey of sorts and that's a wonderful thing.
11. Here are the things I can see that are red from where I sit: my friends' cooler, a deck of cards, the cover of Balancing the Sword, and the dress of a paper doll.

I think that classifies as an excessively random fact, which means I get double points.

And now I get to ask 11 questions! And pick some people (forget the "11 people" clause) to answer them! I do hereby tag...

Elanee from Elanee's Endeavors! (It was so fab to meet you this weekend!)
Lynnae from Randomness by Lynnae
Red from The Case of the Red-Head JT

Here are your questions:
1. If you had tomorrow cleared of any previous commitments, what would you do with it?
2. What is your favorite book? :)
3. What is the coolest place you've ever visited?
4. Who is your favorite author?
5. If you could learn another instrument, what would it be?
6. What is your favorite sport? {and you don't have to be good at it... :p}
7. Favorite soundtrack?
8. Best movie adaptation of a book?
9. Favorite chore?
10. Most thought-provoking concept you've come across in the last week?
11. Favorite type of tea?

Are you ready? Go! In the off-chance that you've forgotten the rules, just check out the previous post. :D

Happy Labor Day!