Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Watch-It Wednesday: Nothing!

I just got back from a fabulous day of babysitting some super-fun kiddos! What do you do for eight hours with five children, 10 & under? Oh, "Nothing!"

...which, of course, translates to "Have a Ball!"
Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Watch-It Wednesday: Apples R Us!

Let the games begin! Step one of Operation Cider has been accomplished: retrieving the apples. Our entire garage now smells like an apple pie, and it's the season of feasting on apple fritters by day and apple dumplings by night! I can hardly wait to rent the press and begin our good, old-fashioned, cider-pressing day! Complete with fellow apple-buying friends, contests to recognize the fastest pressing team, sticky hands, savory cider warming on the stove, and a bonfire - yes, it's a time to anticipate!!

Have an apple-licious Wednesday!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

I woke to a typical, grey, October Friday. I woke with the standard cold that is going around. I woke with hopelessly sad, shower-needing hair that didn't have a chance. I shrugged at the idea of dressing "nicely" and wore a boring jean skirt. This morning I had errands to run, preparations to make, and people to drop off.

Today was, in a word, ordinary.

Checking out at the craft store with some needles and thread, I found my eyes preoccupied with my purse, wallet, and receipts. As I finished my purchase, I realized I had yet to even really look at the girl across the counter from me. Taking my bag, I looked purposefully up into her eyes with a smile. She was dressed for an ordinary day, too: chunky sweater, comfy scarf, her apron covering up most of the rest of her outfit, counting out change for yet another customer in her morning (me). "Thank you so much! Have a good day!" I said. Suddenly, her entire face lit up. "Thank you! You too!" She answered, and, as I walked toward the door, "And your hair looks really pretty, too!"

My hair was a tired, dirty-looking braid, but suddenly, in the light of the smile, her eyes saw something ordinary as beautiful. She was the picture of an ordinary work day, but in the light of her exuberance and kind comment, she became beautiful in her encouragement to me. Walking out of the store, I couldn't keep the smile off my face - both because of her sudden, brilliant reaction, and because of the reminder it gave to me:

As the light of the world, I have the responsibility to dispel ordinary days from those around me. What an extraordinary mission it is!
Five Minute Friday One word. Five minutes. No edits. It's Five Minute Friday!

Disclaimer: This particular post I was writing for a little more than five minutes...but it still is just a "rough draft"!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Watch-It Wednesday: (Talent)? Night

I know ya'll are probably sick of hearing about how wonderful our church Family Camp is, but necessity demands that I bring it up {at least} one more time. One of the most hilarious, memory-making, quote-generating evenings of camp is Talent Night. "Hilarious," because, contrary to the delusive title, no talent is required to participate. "Memory-making," because whenever a whole group of people who love the LORD and each other get together to have fun, memories must be made. "Quote-generating," because, well, you will see that for yourself...

Imagine the dire consequences, then, if even two people are missing from the evening. They wouldn't know the jokes, they wouldn't know the laughs - in a word {or, rather, two} they miss out.

Thanks to Miss Reagan, preserved for all posterity are a few choice video selections from the evening to give a clue to the absentees of our time.

To begin with, there was some real, amazing talent present...

...and then there were the ever-abundant blonde jokes...


...followed by the set-ups...

...and the skits.

(part I)
(part II)

Have a talented Wednesday!

Monday, October 7, 2013

October in the Northwest!

October has begun,
And with it now has come
The days of golden light.
The Autumn now has come,
And with it has begun
The days of family hikes!

On Friday, we began our annual Afternoon-Hike-Family-Pizza-Movie-Night October tradition ~ and the weekend responded nicely with some stellar weather! Smith & Bybee Lakes were the walk of choice (that is to say, since option #1 was closed due to fallen trees), and we were awed by the incomparable beauty of the place we live! Great blue herons, white egrets, and various ducks (seen from a distance) floated on the lakes, and the deep, October sunshine warmed us right to our toes. It is on days like these that I wish I could soak the sunshine deep inside, but alas, I am not a flower.



As we walked through the high grass, a sudden serenade of music exploded behind me, which I recorded and now present to you as the sound of the Coder Boys in their natural habitat:

To really put a seal on our awe of God's amazinglybeautifulspectaculartherearenowordstodescribeit creation, yesterday afternoon was again lovely, and we set off as adventurers to a new hike: Latourell Falls! Kaytch joined us this time, and as we marched through the trees up to the falls, the woods resounded with laughs, songs, and "would dad count this as a trail?" (which translates to "can we go exploring here, or not?"). It was equally lovely, and the sunset at the end, shall see...

See? Totally unequalable! I love the Northwest. :)

What are you doing with your Autumn weather?