Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All About 'Cha - Part I

Mine! All Mine!
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Good evening, everyone! A little while back, Miss Jo from Alphabet Soup tagged me to do a fun blog questionnaire! The procedure is quite simple, and one with which I'm sure you're familiar...answer the questions, pass 'em on to some cool bloggers, follow the fun! Because it's quite a long list of questions, I've decided to divvy 'em up into two different posts, and tag a different blogger (or set of bloggers) for each set of questions. Ya ready? I am! So let's go!

1. What color are your socks right now?
As amazing at it is, I'm not wearing socks right now. I usually am, but it's been lovely and warm (which means high 70s here in the Northwest) so I didn't need 'em today. I am wearing purple nail polish, though. :)

2. What are you listening to right now?
Maddy explaining the hairstyle she's giving me, and Megs singing a call to play "Hand and Foot".

3. What was the last thing you ate?
Dinner. And it was delish! Chicken, broccoli, and quinoa. Quinoa = yumminess. :)

4. Can you drive a stick shift?
*ahem* I can get from point A to point B, in a car with a stick shift. Not quite sure that's the same thing as driving...

5. Last person you spoke to on the phone?
Hmmm...Robyn I think.

6. How old are you today?
Seriously? Is this a make-people-feel-old question?? Ugh, fine. Here it goes. 21 years, I-don't-care-how-many-months-and-days.

7. What is your favorite sport to watch?
Not a huge sports fan here, people. I like to play soccer, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee...so I don't mind watching those. Oh, and figure skating/ice dancing is amazing to watch. :)

8. What is your favorite drink?
Can't choose. At all. I love yummy drinks, and I usually try a new one each time I go somewhere. Most common non-water drink? Tea or "DDP" (diet dr. pepper). Drinks I crave? Juice and smoothies. Drink that makes me all creamy and happy? Hot cocoa. And I could list others I love...

9. Have you ever dyed your hair?
*ahem* yes. but it didn't work. 'nuff said.

10. What is your favorite food?
Everyone knows chocolate is in a girl's food pyramid.

11. Do you sing in the shower?
Haha! Actually, no, I don't. And it is because, ever since I was little and first heard someone joke about it, I never wanted to be caught doing it... :p

12. Favorite day of the year?
My fav day used to be the first day in Sun River (our annual family vacation spot). Although we don't go there any more, I think it still would have to be the first day of family vacation. :)

13. What is one place you want to visit?
IrelandIsraelScotlandFranceAustriaSwedenSwitzerlandNewZealand. :D

14. What was your favorite toy as a child?
You know, I really don't know. I can remember favorite books, favorite movies, but favorite toys... Probably either my Kirsten doll, or "Callie" (a stuffed calico cat).

15. What is your favorite season?
Whichever one I'm in the midst of! Spring for the rain, the new flowers, and the pretty color of the clouds. Summer for the warmth, the sun, all the games you can play outside, and the pretty color of the sky. Autumn for the leaves, fuzzy boots, chunky sweaters, long walks, and the pretty color of...everything. Winter for steamy mugs of tea, having to bundle up, and the delicious abundance of rain!

So, now it's your turn! I do here by tag:

Miss Kayleen from Only God
Tante Jen from Four for France
Miss Mikaela from One Bright Corner

Of course, if you decide to take up the challenge without being tagged, let me know! I 'd love to read your answers! :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Psalm 24

 The earth is the LORD's,

   and all its fullness,

      The world

        and those who dwell therein.

For He has founded it upon the seas,

And established it upon the waters.


Who may ascend into the hill of the LORD?

Or who may stand in His holy place?

He who has clean hands and a pure heart,
                                                   Who has not lifted up his soul to an idol,
                                                                                                                 Nor sworn deceitfully.  

He shall receive blessings from the LORD,

     And righteousness from the God of his salvation.

          This is Jacob, the generation of those who seek Him,

               Who seek Your face.  

Lift up your heads, O you gates! 

And be lifted up, you everlasting doors!

And the King of glory shall come in.

 Who is the King of glory?
The LORD strong and mighty,
The LORD mighty in battle.

Lift up your heads, O you gates!
Lift up, you everlasting doors!

And the King of glory shall come in.

Who is the King of glory?

The LORD of hosts,
He is the King of glory.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


In which I contemplate the pressing issues of life...

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Why is it that you only - only - hit an insane amount of eternity-long red lights when you're running late?

Why does a buttered slice of bread always land butter-side-down?

Why do the people who fold laundry look at a size large, masculine, blue sweater vest that their brother wears, and then decide to put it in my pile?

Why do students inevitably get sick the day of a recital?

Why is it so hard - nay, impossible - to find sealing wax in this town?

Why does Megan's Seed Stitch (in knitting) always turn into Ribbing, before she's even knit a row?

Why is there a specified difference between re-fried beans and vegetarian re-fried beans?

...Actually, scratch that one. I'm too scared to ask what's in the non-vegetarian.

Why do laptop power cords just up and DIE, with absolutely no warning or aggravation?

Why do I get to be stuck behind a S-L-O-W school bus (which, of course, is stopping every 3 ft at every driveway) in the middle of summer?

Why does putting two socks in the laundry result in only one coming out of the dryer, but putting three socks in the laundry result in getting them all back?

If only I knew the answers to these pressing questions, then...I wouldn't have a single thought with which to amuse myself!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Make-It Monday: Twinkle Smiles


Hooray! Finally back to some Make-it Mondays! This post is in celebration of the completion of one of those "under the bed" projects...

I started these dresses almost exactly a year ago to sew for the Twinkles' birthday. Unfortunately, I forgot the oh-so-enviable fact that little girls often grow straight up without growing out for a couple years. Thus, the dresses fit them just lovely around the waist, but were rather on the short side for the "Sunday dresses" they had hoped to wear. Into a bag and under the bed they went, until such a time when I could (unemotionally) determine the fate of the ruffled hemlines.

At long last, a week or so ago, I pulled them out, cut up and ruffled several yards of eyelet, finished the hand-sewing, and voila! ruffly Sunday dresses! An unforeseen plus of using eyelet for the hem-extensions was the hoop-skirt-reminiscent "poof" at the bottom of the dresses - the eyelet was stiff enough to hold the lighter cotton out, which, of course, the girls loved!

goofy, goofy girls...

In the course of taking the pictures to show the finished project, we switched over to just doing a twin photo shoot. At the end, Maddy said, "Oh, Sarah, we have to do the Head-Heart-Shadow Picture! We love to do it!" As far as I can tell, they came up with it on their own. Also, just so you know, it is "just for twins to do".

Precious, isn't it? What are you working on this Monday?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: God Save Our American States!

It's Independence Day. A day of reflection, in our house. A day when we remember and sing the praises of those heroes who molded, believed in, worked for, and died for our country. A day when we remember and praise the LORD for His hand in our nation's birth, and when we pray that He would continue to work great and mighty things for our land in this day.

Below is an excerpt from the mini-series John Adams. One thing that strikes me after the votes are cast is the silence. The men don't cheer, or huzzah, or applaud - they sit for a moment, overwhelmed with the magnitude and solemnity of the decision they have just made. My heart feels like bursting each time I watch this clip...

Happy Independence Day! May God save our American states!