Monday, October 8, 2012

Make-It Monday: Muffins, Granola, and Blogs (Oh My!)

Happy October Monday! Is it as lovely where you are as it is here? Cloudless blue sky, trees with a multitude of colors, afternoons in the 70s...autumn in the Northwest is wonderful! :)


I've been saving up for this Make-It Monday. Not on purpose, necessarily, but because I just haven't gotten around to posting, the last few weeks. In the first place, I have been making breakfast with the Twinkles, and they both wanted to get pictures for me to post. It's the same lovely laptop camera, but it makes them happy, so without further ado...

Megs and I got up one morning, and decided to make muffins!

I was going to post the recipe but...I can't remember which one it was. :) I do know we substituted honey for sugar, and flax seed for over half the eggs, so it was fun to show "Nellie" (my recent nickname for her - don't ask) how to make and figure out the differences.

Muffins, home-made plum jam, and tea - what could be better?

They were delish!
And then we have the next week, with Maddy...

Before we were quite sure what we were making...

We decided on granola! Chopped macadamia nuts, almonds, and dry rolled oats, mixed into yogurt, jam, and honey ~ it was pretty good! :)
The last thing I've made (or am in the process of making) to share with you this Monday is ~ as you've probably deduced from the title ~ a blog! Yes, another one. I decided, the other day, to put together a blog for my music students/parents. On the practical side, there will be the policy, the schedule, pictures of the various bow exercises for violin students, competition updates... But this is where I need your help: What would you want on a blog your music teacher had? Information about concerts in the area? Music in the news? Book/movie reviews? My students are mostly in the 6-16 age range, so there's a wide spectrum of potential interest. What would make it fun? Check out the "under construction" deal here, and give me some feedback. I'm positively greedy for ideas, so even if you're a reader who never comments, or a person just passin' by this blog, hit me with any and every cool (and practical) brainstorms you have!
Happy Monday!


Kirsteen said...

It's been lovely and sunny during the day over here too but frosty at night/early mornings.

I've never heard of muffins with butter and jam before. Our muffins are usually really sweet or fruity and we don't put anything on them, unless they are English muffins which are a totally different thing! Yours look good though!

SarahJayne said...

Kirsteen, that is so interesting! I've never heard of not doing at least butter. :p You make me want to try one of your recipes...have you ever posted one on your blog? :)