Thursday, September 29, 2011

You Know You're A Music Teacher When...

Photo Credit. discover that you knock "Mississippi Stop-Stop" on front doors... find yourself jumping up and shattering glass with "hooray!" when you've heard a difficult passage three times in a row perfectly...

...your music case has officially turned into an entertainment bag: bouncy balls, stickers, colored pens, 18-sided die, and "little friends" Cocoa, Alice, Plum, and Chippy... can turn ANYTHING into a technique analogy - including the strawberry jello brain someone once brought to science class...

...every week, over 20 children march in your door, walk into your music room, and wrap your heart around their little fingers...


Period. End of story.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Aching Sides....

Our family loves Brian Regan. Tonight, Benj discovered some of his new routines, and Mom, Dad, he, and I sat here in tears for nearly an hour. My two favorites? "Big Families" and "My Kids".

There now, I just gave you nearly fifteen minutes of an abs workout (don't tell me your sides aren't aching)! You're welcome. :D

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Birthday

Photo Credit
  "...Unless you die before-hand." Zach snickered a little at his smart-aleck remark.

For some reason, the Littles have decided I am of age, and it's time to start pressuring me to move out. Consequently, not a day goes by in which they don't ask, "Sarah, when are you gonna get married? We want to have a niece or nephew." I have no idea what has caused them to pursue this subject, the only reason I can hypothesize being that they get the giggles at my "I am not getting married right now!" Finally, tonight, riding home in the car, I looked them in the eye and explained that God has the right guy somewhere, and it is His timing, not ours, for which we should be ready. "When God says it's time for me to get married, I will," I assured them. But for all my seriousness, I got chuckles. "Yeah...Unless you die first!" Maddy and Zachary thought this quite funny (who can understand the humor of 6 and 7 year olds?), and in amused exasperation, I agreed, "Yep, unless I die first, but that means God didn't want me to get married anyway!"

I thought the conversation was over, and had begun to turn back to my book, when Megan - who was sitting next to me in the car - said in a confidential undertone, "Sarah, which one would you go to?"
"What do you mean, Meggy?"
"Which one would you go to - heaven or hell - if you died early?"

To say I was surprised at the question would be an understatement. Meg knew I was a Christian, so I had the feeling that there was more going on in that little brain than her words were letting on.

"I would go to heaven, Meg," I replied, leaning in closer, "and I hope you would go to heaven too."

We both knew that she wasn't a Christian. By her wide eyes looking up at me, I knew Meggy was seriously considering what she had heard. For a moment, her inward struggle was almost palpable. But she said nothing, and looked away, so I turned to my book until, ten minutes later, I felt her eyes on me again.

"Sarah," she said, barely above a whisper, "what is hell like?"
"I don't know much about it,'s dark. And burning. And it hurts so much that people gnash their teeth."

"What do I have to do, if I want to go to heaven instead?"

Instantly, I felt overwhelmingly out of my depth. How could I presume to explain the gospel to Megan? How could I say it fully, in a way she could grasp? And yet, we are supposed to come as little children, and the Father who calls can speak through my bewildered words.

Carefully, I told her that God was so good, not even the tiniest bit of sin could be in His presence. That Jesus, knowing this, had taken the punishment of our sin for us. That to go to heaven, all we had to do was believe in Him, but that it also meant we let Him "be the boss" of our lives. And it all ended - or rather, began - there in the van, with us bowing our heads and Megan saying a prayer that was much rejoiced over in heaven and on earth.

My little sister became my sister indeed today. May our Father bless her with wisdom and an overpowering knowledge of His love towards her.

Happy Birthday, Meg.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Watch-It Wednesday: Communication and More!

I wasn't even going to do a 'Watch-It Wednesday' today, just a "my-last-few-days-in-pictures" deal. But then we had to go and watch a funny video last night, and somehow it got tagged on to the end. ;) Anyway, pix first, then video...

Sunday, we celebrated one of our little friends' turning the prestigious age of five.

Tinkerbell cake!!

Isn't she a munchkin? :)

Girls that are way-too-cute for their own good.
And the goofy and purple tongues! :)
  Monday was the first day of school! You should of heard all the giggles and squeals that went on as mama laid out each child's supplies for the year - we are all quite excited (and I'm not even in school)!


I get to teach the Littles math, and am responsible for the writing/grammar portion of Gracie and James's learning. This is the first time I've had a defined roll in the schooling, and I'm so excited! :) Mama talks a bit about the curriculum we're using on her blog, but suffice to say, I really like the look of it (reading? how can one go wrong?)!

Tuesday marked the beginning of a church Bible Study in Genesis. Naturally, I've read the book several times, but it was so cool to sit down with members of our church family and read "In the beginning, God..." with the purpose of studying it! I am looking forward to going through this!

Then, of course, there was today (no? really?). I took the Little people to the store, having a few things to pick up, and I got stickers (!!! what about stickers doesn't make one happy?),

a happy (read: colorful) notepad - good for jotting down notes while giving lessons,

And then, as I was browsing the craft section, I suddenly saw... this fabulous notebook:

Isn't it adorable?? And something about the size, the solid, chunky feel when I picked it up...I couldn't resist. I mean, books in general - regardless of whether they are meant to be written in or read - have such endless possibilities, but this notebook is special. I can just feel it! Price, of course, is irrelevant when purchasing something with such a marvelous destiny. Now I just need to discover what it is. *clasps hands and gazes dreamily out into space*

Finally,  I'd like to leave you all with some communication advice. Jostie Flicks again - those guys always make me laugh!

A smiling, colorful, well-communicated Wednesday to you all!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Don't ever forget, but know this: remembrance is worth nothing if it leaves no change in your life. My heart weeps for all the pain from the dreadful day, but especially for the hundreds and hundreds who died not knowing my Savior. Life really is a vapor. Don't spend yours afraid or hesitant to declare the only hope this world knows to a hopeless generation.

Pray for those who remember this day not because they watched it on tv, but because they are now fatherless, motherless, childless. Pray that they may know true peace and hope, through Him who gives it freely.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Off the Face of the Earth - Part 1

A week and no post? I bet you thought I'd dropped off the face of the earth (because of course, you noticed and missed me, right? Right)! Well, you're just about correct, for I've certainly had a glimpse of heaven since last I blogged. The Heritage Bible Church Family Camp took place Labor Day weekend - and what a fun-filled, fellowship-packed, iron-sharpening time we had!

Camp preparations began (for me) on Tuesday, when I jumped at the opportunity to accompany and assist with the grocery shopping. Let me tell you, skating through Costco with a couple filled-to-the-brim shopping carts is an experience worth paying for. :p  We repeated the adventure on Thursday, when we shopped for the cold food items, and Friday morning I was actually at camp!

It's nigh-impossible to know where to begin in describing camp. I got to see and hang out with my dear friend from St. Louis (they moved away two years ago, but came back so two of the girls could get baptized with our church family):

Volleyball is the game of choice at our camp. We have the speed volleyball tournament Saturday morning, the teams-of-four volleyball tournament all weekend, and if you happened to stroll by the gym at midnight on any of the evenings, your ears would be greeted with cries of "Service!", "Mine!", loud thumps, and cheers.

Saturday is the truly crazy-packed day. After morning prayer meeting, breakfast, and chapel, there's the speed volleyball, apple bobbing...

First the Little People

Then the big girls (I abstained in order to take pix :)

...and then the big boys...

Then, of course, sack races!! Meggers almost didn't want to do it, but she finally agreed at the last moment to run with me in the open-ages girl race. :)

Hmmm...I think the person who borrowed my camera was having too much fun... :)
After these, there was the traditional egg toss, and then (drum roll, please) Family Challenge! This year was fantastic because it was actually hot outside, and we got to add a water-on-your-head relay to the team challenge. So much fun! I only got pix of one station before I got way too carried away with the competitive spirit decided I should help out more with the games.

Two barrels...

A small wooden roller...
A rope...

...and two, 3 ft. square mats - could you get over 20 people across 100 feet without touching the ground? :)

Little girl friends

Waiting for their turns

Explaining the difficulties of eating while talking on the phone? :)
Top Saturday off with the side-splitting talent night (videos coming...soon. :) And it makes for one, long, more-fun-than-you've-ever-had day.