Saturday, May 19, 2012

I think I should be most content to spend my days...

...side-by-side with the sea.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: Red Blanket in the Great Room

"Sarah," the Twinkles begged last night, "Can we pleeeaase watch a movie?"

"No," was my heartless reply, "Absolutely not. We're not watching movies tonight."

"We'll pick a short one! Please? Please?"

"Nope. Why don't you guys make a movie...or at least, a play?"

"Can we do a story we already know?"

"For sure."


And so, with the help of Zachary, they put on a play for James and me 10 minutes later. Although they claimed it was the story of "Little Red Riding Hood", I'm not quite convinced because, well...maybe I'll just show you the story, and see if you recognize the plot. :)


The Story of Little Red Riding Hood

(Mother): "Here Darling, take these cookies to your Grandmother so she will feel better."
(Little Red Riding Hood): "Yes Mother."
(Mother): "And do not stop to gather flowers in the woods!"
(Little Red Riding Hood): "Yes Mother."

(Narrator): "And then she met the big-bad-wolf"
{no picture, unfortunately, but he was shrouded in a gold-and-burgundy quilt}
(Wolf): "Hello, Little Girl. Why don't you pick some flowers for your Grandmother?
That way, she will like you better."

(Little Red Riding Hood): "Ok!"

(Narrator): "And then she came to her Grandmother's house."
{here there was some confusion about whether or not the one on the 'bed'
was the grandmother or the wolf. In the end, they determined she was the wolf}
(Little Red Riding Hood): "Grandmother, what great big eyes you have!"

(Big-Bad-Wolf): *Evil chuckle*

(Narrator - who also happened to be the hunter): "And then the hunter came in
and killed the big-bad-wolf and dragged her off!"
{here there was some confusion about whether or not they ever found the real grandmother
(they didn't)
and whether or not Little Red Riding Hood was ever punished for disobeying her mother
and picking flowers
(she wasn't)
In the end, they determined it would be best to take a final bow
(so they did)}


Have a smiling Wednesday! Obey your mother, and don't believe any wolves who tell you that disobeying will make your grandma like you more! :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday...Or, Maybe Not?

It's been a day or two since I posted. I blame it on the death of Sophie (my camera), because a post without pictures is simply no fun, and while we have other cameras, they're just not as convenient as Sophie is. Or, was. Before she "popped off as you might say" (who knows the quote?? :).

ANYWAY, today being Wednesday, I typically post a video - but that's not going to happen this time. I have decided to take a break from all videos one can/would watch on the computer. And if I can't watch them neither shall you - no internet videos for any of you...EVER!!!

Ok, just kidding, because youtube is still up, running, and fully functional. You can watch whatever you want.

But there will be nothing here to watch for a month.

All clear?

Fabulous, let's move on.

As I mentioned before, my lack of posts has been largely due to a lack of pictures. We had some lovely, actually warm days - but sunshine spoken of is not the same as sunshine shown. We had two very fun days with the Littles this past weekend, when Mama, Daddy, and 3 Middles went to the Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference - but smiles from playing games under a fort in the great room are simply not as contagious when read from a page, rather than seen on a Little's face. And let's face it  - you don't care to read or see that the whole family was subjected to the stomach flu for a three-week period.

Finally, however, I have some pictures! Emily, Kaytra, and I decided rather sporadically the other day to do a photo shoot. We pulled into a field, picked our way through the mud - arms full of books, teacups, blankets, and cameras - and spent an hour or so happily snapping pictures. A couple things you should know (and will prob be able to tell) about the three of us....

1. We're book addicts. Wholly, unashamedly, and ecstatically.

2. We are never goofy. Ever.

3. We kind of like a vintage flair.

...and then we just have some smiles :)

I already posted this picture, but - it's my personal favorite of Em's :)

I don't know if it's the coloring, her experssion...but I love this pic of Kaytch!


(oh yeah, we're also tea addicts...add it to the list :)

Do you see my ring? It's an authentic vintage piece -
belonged to GrandMary (my great-grandma)

Are you pictured-out? Good...'cause I still don't have a Sophie replacement! Out of pure laziness, I haven't attributed each photo to the photographer - but you already know it was a combination of the three of us, right? Have a cheery Wednesday: take a picture of three, seemingly insignificant, things that make you smile today - and add them to your blessings list!