Goals to achieve & adventures to experience. Call it a "bucket list" or a "page of aspirations" - here are a few things I long to do.

{bonfire on the beach} August 2016!
{memorize the NT ~ have it memorized all at once}
{vacation in Ireland}
{read all C.S. Lewis' books}
{write a song}
{tour Europe} France, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland: summer 2013!
{ballroom dancing}
{stay overnight in a treehouse}
{learn how to sail ~ go on a sailing trip}
{run a 21-minute 5k}
{put a Psalm to music}
{hand-sew a paper piecing quilt}
{learn Greek}
{go on a cruise}
{play guitar}
{brief time of city life}
{learn the art of being blissful & penniless}
{own a gun & know how to use it}
{take voice lessons}
{play Irish flute}
{publish a children's book}
{take an art class} spring 2016!
{fly at night on the Fourth of July}
{hang gliding}
{water skiing}
{observe a summer solstice sunrise at Stonehenge}
{see the 2017 solar eclipse} Ah-maze-ing!

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