Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Meeting Place

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Things have grown rather quiet in SarahJayne's blogland. There are some wonderfully faithful bloggers - and I love reading your blogs, regardless of my lack of comments! - but for me, writing for the benefit of the world wide web seems to have slipped quietly into the shadows of LIFE. Often - sometimes multiple times a day - I think to myself "I should blog about _______." But alas, I seem to be lacking in not only time, but also inspiration. So for now, you persevering readers, I re-post this little poem I wrote a few years ago under similar duress. It has never been properly named, but the title I'm liking this evening - excuse me, this morning - is "The Meeting Place" - what do you think?


A hundred thoughts run through my head,
And all, I think, of worthy note,
So settle I, and take my pen,
Happy, these empty sheets to coat.
When, suddenly, my mind is blank,
A dismal echo of the page.
I stop, and wait, and wish away
The hopeless hold of my mind's cage.
Yet - gone - I find my tales untold,
Of sun, and smiles, and lessons learned,
And in their place a gaping hole,
From whence no lonely thought's returned.
So, sighing now, my pen I lay
Back down upon this empty sheet,
Unhapp'ly going 'bout my way,
'Til thoughts and words on paper meet.


Lauren said...

I always love your poems, and this is no exception! Wouldn't you say it's ironic to so inspirationally write on the subject of lack of inspiration for writing? (-;

Lynnae said...

I like it...You're an amazing poet!!!!

Emily said...

I love this poem!! You do such a good job with this kind of thing! :-)
Love ya!

Ruthie H. said...

Oh, I loved the poem! Even though I don't have time to write all of the blogs I want, I still try to record ideas, in case I need inspiration or find time in the future. :) I've missed you!