Friday, December 21, 2012

Two Lists

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If, today, time set me free,
Released me to Eternity,
Loos'd my body-bound, cramped soul,
To wing toward home - Oh blessed pull!
If forewarned, I knew the day,
The time, the place, the means, the way,
Then, I know, two lists I'd find
Engraved, heart-deep, within my mind.
Two lists - one silent plea.
First for "had" my heart would yearn
As untouched aspirations burn
Hot, with shame for goals unreached
Which should and could have been achieved.
"Had" I only tithed my time,
A tenth from friends to those in crime.
Broken hearts, lives grasped by sin,
And I not there to speak of Him!
"Had, had" - it haunts each turn.
"Had" - the thoughts crowd, choking air -
Had I the fortitude to dare
Love to speak, its truth, its pow'r.
God's love to all, through me, each hour.
Spoken, such a word does sway
All focus from life's whir'ling fray.
When upon great Love one rests
All hateful things (greed, selfishness)
Grow useless, dull, and rare.
No reprieve from piercing thoughts
Is granted me in the "had-nots".
Knowing, watching today's sun
I'd wish I "had not" this race run
Prayerless - or so nearly so
That I did only half-way grow.
Quiv'ring birch 'mongst ancient oaks
With tremb'ling faith that often chokes
And, but for Grace, would rot.
Oh, I wish in patience I
"Had not" refused again to try
Books unread and songs unplayed
With Little, learning fingers' aid.
And I wish I had not giv'n
Study of the One, the Ris'n
For a few more moments' rest.
What thankless trade of laziness
For spirit, parched and dry!
If, today, time set me free,
Released me to Eternity,
Throwing off sin's weight I'd soar
To live with Glory, evermore.
Joy consumes one, waiting thus,
But while my spirit's bound by dust,
Lists upon my heart I'll keep
Lest in the end I fall asleep.
For thieves come quietly.
"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom." - Psalm 90:12


Lynnae said...

WOW!!!! That's amazing!!!!!

Lauren said...

Sarah, what a thought-provoking, beautiful poem! I have not read anything like that in a long time, but it was really phenomenal!

Jennifer and Jonathan said...

Excellent. Thank you.

SarahJayne said...

Thanks, you guys. These thoughts have been on my heart for a while now, but I finally had to write something after the Friday shooting. Lives ended, opportunities missed - I still cannot fully fathom the tragedy...
If only we could live each day both as if it were our last, and the last of everyone with which we came in contact.
By His grace, we push on.

Jo said...

Thank you for sharing this!!

Mikaela said...

Really, really well done. And very inspiring as we start a new year with fresh resolutions.