Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sometimes I Wonder ~ Random Moments

Here's a random question for ya:
What is the "polite" way to eat fried chicken?

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Munching on a little lunch mama had brought home - the yummiest, most un-greasy, fried chicken I'd ever had - while teaching today {no lunch break on Thursdays} I was struck with a sudden terror: "Am I being rude, eating with my fingers? Is there a way I'm supposed to eat fried chicken?"

I remember my grandpa once telling us a story of going out to dinner with his dad for fried chicken at a "nice" restaurant. Being country boys, they were a little uncomfortable when they observed that all those around them were daintily {albeit rather unsuccessfully} slicing off bite-sized pieces of chicken using forks and knives. When my grandpas' plates were brought, it took all of 10 seconds for them to discard the "nonsense," abandon utensils, and turn fried chicken back into finger food! "All of a sudden," my grandpa said, laughing and chuckling away, "you could hear this collective sigh all throughout the restaurant, and we looked around and saw everyone else setting down their forks and knives and pickin' up that chicken!"

I love that story. It makes me grin every time I think of it. Yet, it doesn't seem to answer my question. Who was right? The prim-and-proper, unsuccessful, "polite" people? Or my pragmatic, down-to-earth grandpa and great-grandpa {who were promptly copied by everyone else}? What defines the line between manners and a lack thereof? What defines finger food? If you know, please, help me out of my Manners Predicament!!


Speaking of wondering, if you're wondering who the giveaway winners are, let my put your minds at ease...kind of. Monday. 10am. There will be an official announcement. Now you know. :)

Thanks muchly to all of you who came to my party ~ I had an amazing time, reading the insights of all my visitors, and I hope you did, too!


Mikaela said...

Funny! I talk to much in my lessons...I don't think I could ever successfully eat a meal! It takes me a long time to eat a granola bar or even sip down a cup of coffee. ;-)

SarahJayne said...

hehehe - yes, it does take a while! If it had been a violin lesson, I don't think I could have managed it...but these students have so many piano scales, it works. :p