Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Maybe Today

Five Minute Friday A lovely, golden-sunshine, deep-sky-blue Friday morning to you all! I hope, wherever you are, you are enjoying the same amazing weather we have here in the Northwest ~ but unless you actually live in the Northwest, I highly doubt that you are so privileged, because nowhere else in the world are colors so deep, rich, and real. (Yes, I love where I live.)

Reading my Aunt's blog this morning, I was introduced the "Five Minute Friday" challenge. A slightly intimidating idea for me (I am a bit apprehensive about writing for 5 minutes - what will come out? - and posting, without a chance to edit), I still couldn't stand to pass up the opportunity, because this week's word is Home. Timer ready? Here we go:
In my Pastor's house, held with a magnet to the fridge, is an unassuming 8.5-by-11 inch piece of paper boasting two simple words in bold print:

Maybe Today

Maybe Today - those words are so powerful to me. They stop me from any busy-ness or focus I may be in the midst of and make me wonder, What will happen today?

Maybe today you'll see the answer to all those prayers you've been lifting up for the salvation of a loved one. Maybe today healing will come. Maybe today will be the last chance you have to love those around you. Maybe, perhaps, today, is the day we will go Home.
Wow - 5 minutes flies way to quickly. Or I perhaps I simply don't understand the concept of a short, concise post...I had so much more to say! (and I apparently need to learn that it's ok to not sit and read over a sentence every time you write one.)

"Maybe Today" fills me with such a sense of longing ~ what questions and possibilities does it bring to your mind? What images are conjured when you think of "home"?

P.S. Guess what next week is? My bloggy-birthday!! I'm having a party, and you're all invited! There will be give-aways, guest posters, and all sorts of fun, so I'll see you then!


Recovering Church Lady said...

Hi Sarah Jane, I also did the 5 Minute Friday thing for the first time today! I really love this post about "Maybe Today". I thought I had either seen or heard every little saying there ever was, but never heard this one and I like it a lot. So much hope and possibility in those 2 little words. Thanks for sharing it!

L. Hedgecock said...

I'm a first timer too. I had trouble getting started since there's so many ways to write about the prompt.

I enjoyed reading yours.

Laura Hedgecock

Ruthie H. said...

Sarah, I loved your post and how you wrote about "home" in a thought-provoking way. Maybe I should post a "Maybe Today" somewhere to remind me of the possibilities of each day and also the brevity of life. When I think of "home," I think of all the dear people half a world away - those I am missing so much. But "home" is also where I happen to be right now and in making the most of the time and opportunities here. :)

Four for France said...

I love that you did this Sarah! SO fun! I think I might do it every Friday.

SarahJayne said...

Thanks, all! :)

Ruthie, I know...I am planning to make a sign with those two words and hang it somewhere I can see it every day!

Tante Jenn, I think I may try to do it weekly, too! It certainly is a good exercise in writing, and if the themes are always this good... :)