Friday, July 4, 2014

30 Day Book Challenge! Day 3: Favorite Characters

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Day 3: Who are your favorite characters? (Include their books)

Perhaps some readers have, in the course of their lifetime, been introduced to a favorite character who just came alive off the page to them. A character to whom they related greatly, or by whom they were challenged, or who was so exceedingly well developed that they couldn't tear themselves away from him. Perhaps some readers have been able to so vividly picture a specific character, that they feel as though they have actually seen and spoken with him more than any other character they have encountered.

But I have not.

All characters from the books I have read feel equally alive to me. They are all old and dear friends, ones who I love to revisit whenever I am reorganizing my bookshelves have an hour or two to spare. Here are the first couple who came to my mind:

~ Mr. Tilney ~
{Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen}
Yes, of all Jane Austen's heroes, I simply love Mr. Tilney. Why? Because he is earnest in his calling, quick-witted (in both jokes and understanding), mature, graciously forgiving of complete foolishness, does not speak poorly of people unless absolutely necessary, honoring of his father even when his father would be classified as "unable-to-be-honored" ~ yet not carrying the honor too far in "going along with" dishonor himself. 

~ Polly Milton ~
{An Old-Fashioned Girl, by Louisa May Alcott}
It is hard for me to think that any of you may not know dear Polly Milton, but in the event you have never met her, I will share why I love her: Polly is sweet and down-to-earth. She catches herself whenever she begins to be drawn away and satisfied with superfluous things, and she loves in the best sense of the word: in a way that is not afraid or ashamed to question and challenge those she loves.

~ Freckles ~
{Freckles, by Gene Stratton Porter}
Freckles is another wonderful friend. He is honest, hard-working, and ready to take on the world, but with a kind and quieter could say he has poetry in his soul. :) I love Freckles for being a rather whimsical character, with enough hard-earned character in him to keep him real.

I suppose, if I had thought through this more, I could have determined a list of characters I love who exemplify the various qualities I especially appreciate. However, I think these three still encompass the type well. They are all clear thinkers, with a will to find the way to do whatever they have set out to accomplish. They bless those around them by being useful in either word or deed - often both.  They defy the stereotype that all the slow and steady workers in the world (who never aspire to or reach great {worldly} recognition) may be honorable but dull, because they have their moments of great mirth.They stick to their principles without wavering, even under duress, and their lives are not sparkling and glorious, but warm and bright. People may not see them from afar, but all those nearby feel rich from the warmth of their glow. These are the characters who endear themselves to me.

Do you have a favorite character?


Ben said...

I would say one of my favorite characters was Edmund (C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia). As the representation of a redeemed sinner, he demonstrates how somebody can completely turn around from being a minion of the white witch to a champion of Aslan. Brilliant depiction, Lewis!

SarahJayne said...

I did think of Edmund, too!