Wednesday, July 23, 2014

30 Day Book Challenge! Days 19-20: Birthdays and More...

Do you what today is?? On this very day, 9 years ago, mum was at the hospital, mid-surgery, and Megan and Madeline- our very own M&Ms - were making their entrance into the world! Of course, we celebrated in proper twin-style: pizza, brownie-cheesecake-layer-cake, and way too many giggles!

The dresses from yours truly :)
 Please note the slightly befuddled faces in the next two pictures...

The Twinkles' bedroom has been, heretofore, a mess. When they were wee ones, they didn't want to have separate beds, so they have had only one mattress in the bunk bed for years...but as young ladies of 9, they have outgrown the share-a-bed idea. Hence, a birthday present from mum & dad that was confusedly received in small packages of plastic shapes, wires, and metal clips...

Happy birthday to the Twinkles!!


Oh yes, and I have those book challenge questions today, too, don't I?

Day 19: What is a book that you think is woefully underrated?
Easy answer. Little Dorrit, That Hideous Strength, The Ordinary Princess, The Princess and the Goblin, The Princess and Curdie, The Eagle of the Ninth, The Twelfth Imam, Wuthering Heights...I'm trying to make a point here. Pretty much all the books I like are woefully underrated.

Day 20: What is the environment in which you most enjoy reading?
Anywhere both quiet and pretty. Usually, this is my room. My first choice is always to read out of doors, but...the "quiet" factor is often compromised by wee siblings who also love the beautiful outside. :) I like to be comfortable, to not dread looking up while considering a part I just read (which if the room is awfully messy, etc, is the case), and to not be tempted to listen in on other conversations while I'm reading.

Where do you like to read?


{Kaytra} said...

oh man, their happiness is contagious!! so fun. and i also learned what a pluggis is. :)

Karlena Ludlow said...

"Oh! An amazon box! We've always wanted one of these"

Happy Birthday, Twinkles! Thank you for sharing this with us! So very precious!

(P.S. I like to read... anywhere! I have been known to read while riding a bike!)