Tuesday, July 22, 2014

30 Day Book Challenge! Days 17-18: High Expectations

Happy Tuesday!! Yes, I've missed several days here in blogland - things have just been too busy and fun around here! On Saturday, we had a graduation ceremony for Rachel, followed by a triple-graduate-pie-social-party for Rachel (graduating from high school), Emily (graduating with her AA), and Ben (graduating with his BA). Saturday morning saw Rachel and I in the kitchen, getting some serious baking done (Rachel did most of it...I think we made 13 pies! Yes. There were leftovers for breakfast).

Hence, between preparation, parties and recovery (is there a better word I could have used to have some alliteration in there?), I fell behind. Get ready for 2 questions a day! :D

Day 17: What is a book you want to like, but can't get into? Why?
Hmmm...I suppose I shall say The Age of Revelation, by Elias Boudinot. It's not that I want to like it (I do like it!), but rather that I had a hard time getting into it for reasons previously mentioned: because I was trying to read it late at night, and the language and subject matter did not lend itself to such a reading. Still on my to-read list, though!!

Day 18: Which book do you consider to be excessively overrated?

I'm rather afraid of becoming redundant here from last time I did the challenge, but I shall seek to be more fair and give an opinion on a book that I have actually read. The problem is, I usually am the one who gets excited about books most people don't care to read, so I'm slightly unqualified to label one as "overrated." Or maybe the problem is simply that I don't read books I deem to be overrated. On second thoughts, I will just wait for the opinions of others...care to share your thoughts on the most overrated book?


Rachel said...

I don't think I've ever read an over-rated book... must be 'cause you usually recommend them. :)

Ben said...

Eragon... started it, wouldn't recommend it (for more reasons than this), but it was basically Star Wars in a Medieval setting... lame...

Btw - it was a Bachelor of Science, not Art... I would not have survived that...