Tuesday, July 17, 2012


In which I contemplate the pressing issues of life...

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Why is it that you only - only - hit an insane amount of eternity-long red lights when you're running late?

Why does a buttered slice of bread always land butter-side-down?

Why do the people who fold laundry look at a size large, masculine, blue sweater vest that their brother wears, and then decide to put it in my pile?

Why do students inevitably get sick the day of a recital?

Why is it so hard - nay, impossible - to find sealing wax in this town?

Why does Megan's Seed Stitch (in knitting) always turn into Ribbing, before she's even knit a row?

Why is there a specified difference between re-fried beans and vegetarian re-fried beans?

...Actually, scratch that one. I'm too scared to ask what's in the non-vegetarian.

Why do laptop power cords just up and DIE, with absolutely no warning or aggravation?

Why do I get to be stuck behind a S-L-O-W school bus (which, of course, is stopping every 3 ft at every driveway) in the middle of summer?

Why does putting two socks in the laundry result in only one coming out of the dryer, but putting three socks in the laundry result in getting them all back?

If only I knew the answers to these pressing questions, then...I wouldn't have a single thought with which to amuse myself!


Mikaela said...

Let me know when you find out, please!

Lauren said...

I've wondered the very same thing about refried beans...so strange!

Ruthie H. said...

Thanks for making me smile, Sarah! :)