Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: An Unlikely Royal Family Tree

Hmmm. I just noticed that the last two "Watch-It Wednesdays" began with the word "no" - don't you think that's rather a negative outlook on life? Therefore, please note the positiveness in today's opening:

Yes! A friend and I have begun memorizing Matthew, and I've finally waded through all the "begats" and finished chapter one! If I'd listened to this song when I was little, maybe it would have been a bit easier!

And that, my friends, is the genealogy of Christ from the book of Matthew! Isn't it great? You can get the book and CD combo on Amazon here. :) It's so encouraging to see the people Jesus chose as His ancestors...yet another reminder of how He loves and uses us regardless of our {manifold} stumblings.

Have a special Wednesday!

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Grace Mary said...

What a great song! Love it. :)