Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: Happiness

Grey, drizzly day. Sweats. Cup of tea.

Cosy (that is one word that is just better when spelled the British way) mornings make me happy.

Three Littles cluttering my already-war-zone-looking room. One has a chair set up as a table, and is writing a synopsis for chapters of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Two others have a Lego game in the works - instructions, pieces, and box strewn across the floor. None of them particularly dedicated to their own employment, they are constantly checking in with each other, at times completely halting all pursuits to tell stories based off of the Lego men or instruction-pictures. "King of K5" (although they are now in 2nd grade) explains the word "adjacent" which was just used in the story he was telling. Now they're all back to their proper places - Synopsis Girl checking about when she gets a break, and Game Players rolling the dice.

Littles make me happy.

Cookbooks, pen, and paper cover my bed. Menu-planning and grocery-shopping are on the list today.

The fun of organizing meals and playing working within a budget make me happy.

Phone rings. The funny tune of these new phones we have makes me smile. On the line, a sweet, 6-year-old boy's voice greets me, asking to speak to Little Brother. K5 King jumps up, and returns a few minutes later with a smile and a birthday party invitation. Phone rings again. Again the tune makes me smile. Sweet 6-year-old-friend again. "Hi Sarah, again. Um, Zachary hung up before I could tell him my mama wants to talk to his mama..."

Littles' friends calling on the phone makes me happy.

Synopsis Girl is ready for her break. She climbs up onto my bed, rolls up in one of my fuzzy blankets, arranges my {many} pillows underneath her, and asks permission to pretend she's a cowgirl sleeping in her bunk (as if saying 'no' could stifle the imagination!). Game Players start trying to sing the "Matthew Begats", and ask to hear it on my computer.

Watching the pathways of a Little's mind makes me happy.

Thinking about Easter this past wekeend. Is there a Biblical character you relate to? I relate to Peter. Maybe that's why this song is so beautiful to me (despite the 7-11 ending :).

That Christ is alive makes me happy.

Happy Wednesday!


Lynnae said...

Hey Sarah, man you make that sound cozy :)
And that song is one of my favorites!!! (I had thought of posting it for Easter...great minds think alike :)

Ben said...

2 weeks? 2 weeks Sarah? New post please!