Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Watch-It Wednesday: Songs My Parents Taught Me

In my house, we all live and breathe music. At any given time, you can walk into our home and hear CDs, singing, whistling, practicing, playing - or (more often then not) a combination of some or all of the above. One of the first things we notice about a new movie is the soundtrack (when Fireproof came out, the first thing Maddy said was "Dis music is weally good!"). If a store has obnoxious "noise" playing - regardless of the volume - we find it nigh impossible to remain for more than a couple minutes. Repetition of musical motifs drive me insane (Ugh - Bolero. Ravel was mad), and I find it impossible to think originally if I have listened to the same CD more than twice in a row.

But there are some songs that, like it or not, are just a part of you: the songs your parents sang when you were little. The songs they knew are not necessarily ones we listen to every day, or would latch on to if introduced to them now. And yet...well, maybe, if you'll permit, I'll just share a couple:

Dad's -
 Africa: no, it doesn't make sense, but there's something beautifully catchy (haunting?) in the music! :p

Warning: ... I don't know how to prepare you ... :)

1. Dad I Gotta Go

2. Cow Patty
please excuse the two words in this...

3. Match-Maker, Match-Maker

Except for...the words changed somewhere between the movie and the mother. As I remember, the words were...
Mess-maker, Mess-maker make me a mess
Spill me some milk
I need some stress...
Yep, there are apparently many different versions out there! :)

Of course, they also sang us lovely, beautiful, serious songs...but I'll save those for next week.


Ruthie H. said...

Cute post, Sarah! It made me think of some of my parents' favorite tunes. "Fiddler on the Roof" is one of my dad's favorite movies, so it is likely some of the songs are among his favorites, too. We teasingly tell my mom that she has a jukebox in her head. Any word or phrase can usher in a song from her.
I believe my love of music is hereditary - from my mom's side, but especially from my maternal grandfather. He had many, many records, tapes and then cds in his possession. When he purchased a new one, he noted somewhere on or inside the cover, the date and where it was purchased, and the cost. His tastes were pretty broad. I can't say mine are too varied, but I do enjoy praise music when cleaning in the morning, and maybe something more like Fernando Ortega if I am doing typing work. Right now it is Bebo Norman's Christmas album. :)
Blessings to you!

Lynnae said...

I love those songs!!! Especially that "Dad I Gotta' Go" song...It sounds so familiar :) And your mom's versions of matchmaker is so adorable :) Thanks for sharing!

Lauren said...

Wow--your mom's variation on Matchmaker Matchmaker is hilarious! Cow Patty also left me laughing! (-:

SarahJayne said...

Ruthie, I will have to check out Bebo Norman - I don't think I've ever heard of him! The love of music is definitely passed on through the generations... and my dad has the same "jukebox" mind your mom does. So funny! :D
Lynnae, glad you liked 'em! :)
Lauren, isn't it the best? But we've already told you about the amazing songs she helped us write for Science Class, right? She's always making up songs and words to other music... I didn't know how perfect her "mess-maker" song was until I watched Fiddler on the Roof! :) And yes, "Cow Patty"... now words describe...