Monday, October 10, 2011

Don't Laugh

I've always been told I have a terrible poker face. In fact, my face resembles more a large-print book, lying open for anyone to read, than the controlled, calculated expressions of...say, Lady Deadlock. Sometimes this is good, sometimes this is bad. But apparently, the Littles have banded together to give me some practice in keeping a straight face.

From prayers….

 (Madeline): Dear Lord, thank you for the food, and have a nice day. And please help the flowers to grow and us to grow and…AMEN!

To supper topics…

"In ten years,” Zachary gasped, “I'll be seventeen!"
"In ten years” James countered, “I'll twenty!"
"In a billion years," Meggy chimed in matter-of-factly, "I'll be a-billion-and-six!"

To clean-up conversations…

"Zeke, we need to get the table cleaned off! Is any of this stuff yours?" Zach screetched to a halt mid-gallop as he whizzed through the room, passing piles of school books on the kitchen table. Spinning around, he continued to shuffle from one foot to the other as he looked at me, and registered the question. "Uh...Sarah, can we... um... No! Actually, uh..."
He was still dancing.
"Can I go to the bathroom first? I really can't talk right now!!"

To school discussions…

Photo Credit :)

"Chickens," I began, as the Littles and I settled down for math class (Note: I really am not sure why or when I began calling Team K5 "chickens". It is not, in any way, related to their looks, supply of bravery, or the noise they make when they're happy. It's just...what I call them). "Chickens, why do we study math?"
Many were the reasons listed by my wee students, but by far the favorite was Madeline's matter-of-fact  reply:
"Well, it's just 'cause, in case we need to know math. Like, 'what's nine plus nine?' I know that. It's..." she paused for a minute, pursing her lips "... it's seventeen!"

My poker face has a long way to go. How's yours?


Ruthie H. said...

Thank you for sharing the humorous anecdotes of your family. You made me smile! :)

Mikaela said...

Kids say the funniest things!

(Jonah just started a "thrift shop" today--his name is "thrifty.") ;-)

Also, that picture makes it obvious that none of us are any good at our poker faces! ;-)

Morgan said...

Aww! That's so cute! I love the little phases my younger siblings say!

Lynnae said...

Those are so adorable, Sarah!!! I love the Madeline's prayer...That is so cute.

Lauren said...

Those are absolutely adorable, Sarah! But I hope for your sake that when Zachary's seventeen he doesn't discover you put that story and his nickname of chicken on the internet for all to see!(-:
On second thought, maybe he'd be just fine with that!

SarahJayne said...

Mika, that's so cute! What sorts of things is "Thrifty" selling?
Lynnae, isn't it adorable? I just thought it was so sweet for her to pray that God would have a nice day!
Lauren, actually, I check with Z-man before I post stuff about legally he can't touch me! :p
Ruthie and Morgan - I'm glad you enjoyed their smiles!