Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Peep Outside...

I look outside, and what do I see? 

Colorful leaves,


a rustic, broken, rake

ripening sugar pumpkins, 

and grape vines perfect for making wreaths!

I look outside, and I see fall. What beautiful colors our King has made! As Maddy said the other evening, "God is the best painter EVER!"


Hannah Woltersdorf said...

Those are some beautiful pictures! Did you take them? Thanks for posting this! I love fall, and all the beautiful colors!


Ruthie H. said...

Very beautiful photos!

SarahJayne said...

Hi Hannah! Yes, I did take the pix. And I agree with you - autumn photos are the best 'cause of the colors!! :) Don't look too closely at the pix, though, 'cause I think I have dust on my sensor, and there are consequently little black specks all over. :( Gotta get that fixed one of these days... ;)

Ruthie, thanks muchly! :)