Monday, June 13, 2011

Quotes for a Quickie

My laptop currently has other demands on it besides here are some awesome quotes from this past weekend (I'm sure there will be more by the end of the week)! :)

"What does your imaginary friend smell like?"
"Rotten eggs."
"Ugh! That's terrible!"
"Smell it." - commercial
"The Suzuki method is the commitment to the ideals that the development of the character of the child and the heart of the musician is of equal importance and is the responsibility of the teacher, parent, and child." - Cathy Lee
"I bet the Idaho airport is stinky" *look of disgust* - Anonymous (but whose initials spell Lauren Elizabeth)
"...the Holy Spirit is a real and distinct person, and not an impersonal force..." - RC Sproul (Essential Truths of the Christian Faith)
"He gave me a shoe!" *sniff* - commercial
"When you close your eyes, you're seeing your eyelids!"
"No your not, your eyes roll back into your head and stop working." - little kids in the shuttle on the way "home".
"Who here's from Texas?"
"YEEE-AAAAHHH!" - our new friend, Marissa.
        "And that's all there is, there
more." - ??? I can't remember! :)


Ruthie H. said...

Fun post, Sarah! And, may I just add - "Yeehaw!" ;)

Rachel said...

Oh! Oh! oh! I know that quote! It's from the Madeline books. Very fun Sarah!

Jo said...

Hehe! I love all of them, but especially the eyeball one... :p