Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm So Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, in case you didn't get it from the title and extra exclamation marks, I'm pretty much ecstatic right now!! So ecstatic, in fact, that I had no other option but to blog and tell you "all about it"!!!!

"What," you may ask, "has happened to cause this great show of emotion?" Well, I'll tell you. Mark Moreland, as in, the Mark who who was General Manager and Shop Foreman of Schuback's Violin Shop for years and years -
The Mark who helped me and my parents pick out my perfect first violin - a sixteenth size - and second violin - an eighth size - and third violin - a quarter size - and fourth violin - a half size -
that Mark just opened his own violin shop two minutes up the road from me!!! We're talking less than a mile!! A violin maker and restorer, do you know how exciting it is as a violinist and a violin teacher to have a guy I can recommend who lives two minutes from me??

Mama saw a sign up a few days ago that said simply "Violin Maker," and told me about it, knowing I would want to stop by and "scout out the place." Then, this evening, on our way home from the store, I asked her to show me, and she obligingly pulled into the gravel parking lot. There was Mark, taking out the recycling, and he meandered up to us as we turned around. Down went mama's window, and in a few minutes he was telling us all about his shop, his experience, etc. As he went back to his shop to get a few flyers and business cards for me, mama looked straight ahead and kept saying, "Mark...Mark...." as though she was trying to figure something out.
"What's up mama?" I asked.
"O - nothing. I'll tell you later."
"Do you think he's the guy who used to work at Schuback's?"
"Yes! That's exactly what I was wondering!"
After Mark came back out, he mentioned the work he had done at Schuback's. Mama and I were thrilled!!!

Hooray! Hooray! Do you know how cool this is? Do you understand? Or will you chalk it up to simply another weird, violin-teacher quirk?


Lauren said...

At first, I was thinking you were simply very quirky. But then, like a flash, it came to me: "Oh, Mark!! That Mark, with whom I remember Mama doing all her dickering!" (-: This is totally not fair--you should not be allowed to have a violin maker two minutes from your house if I have to drive an hour! I guess the benefit is, I can come to get my bow rehaired, visit you, and then you can return my bow to me. Yes, I've already got it all schemed out! (-:
Save a flyer for me!

Pam said...

I would sure love to hear you play. You should post a video. I have always loved the violin. I can understand your happiness and the delightful surprise.
Many Blessings Sarah Jayne

SarahJayne said...

Lauren, you have a wonderful scheme! Maybe we could somehow work in my coming up for orchestra into this see-each-other-often-and-remain-efficient plan! :)

Pam, thank you for your sweet comment! Sounds like good "watch-it wednesday" material...I just may post one! :)

Josiah Woltersdorf said...

Hi there sarah! Its funny I found your blog by complete accident, and turnes out you were THAT Sarah. I have wanted to play cello for a few years now, but havent been able to afford it. But I saw the violin maker sign too and stopped in and met him. What a nice guy. Anyway, I decided to google his name to see what would come up. Anyway your bloh did, and it looked very much like you were a home schuler and so I thought we might know you.and I saw the video, and then I knew who you chool! Your friend, josiah Woltersdorf

SarahJayne said...

Josiah! That is so is a small world, after all (and made increasingly smaller by the internet)! :) Did Mark have any cellos, or were you considering settling for the violin (it's not all that bad, ya know :)? What are the Woltersdorfs up to, these days? I tried to be investigative (read: nosy) on my own, but... 2010? Really? It would appear you have abandoned all three of your blogs. How sad. :p
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! :)

Hannah Woltersdorf said...

I know this is Hannah's account, but ya know, its one of those things...
Anyway, Josiah here. I know, I have been hard pressed to write any posts, just working on one actually. Think extended vacation, not abandon....

Anyway, no he did not have any cellos done, but he is a nice guy, and I think I have something worked out. The violin does not interest me that much, because I have big hands, and that tiny thing just does not feel natural to me. Tried it, done it. The cello is what I want to play. Maybe when I get good we can do a duet someday...