Monday, June 27, 2011

Operation Clean Out the Closet!

The other day, I made a list of summer goals. You know, things I would like to (or need to!) have done by the end of summer (which is in only two months, by the way!!!). Here are a few of the items that made the list:

- Create a student lesson plan of composer/musical era information for the 2011/2012 school year (because I want my students to learn more than just how to play songs - I want them to learn where they came from!)

- Finish reading So Much More, Kingdom of the Cults, and Bleak House (of course, I had to have a classic in the mix!)

- Memorize the Declaration of Independence (because I've always wanted to, and now seems as good a time as any)

- Finish all crochet/knitting projects...

...*ahem* And this is where the post title comes in. You see, I love to crochet, knit, and sew. Really, I do. But when, at the end of some project, it becomes necessary for me to make an executive decision (do I like the sweater this length, or should I pull it out and make it longer? Is this really the length I want the sleeves? Should I try sewing the edging on in a different way?), I often solve my dilemma by sticking it in the closet to sit while I "think about it." And...sometimes I start a new project and the old is left collecting dust. And sometimes this means the old project sits there for quite a while. And sometimes this happens multiple times, and I'm left with multiple "old projects."

But only sometimes, mind.

However, it has come to my attention that it may be necessary for me to, well, do something about it! Namely, dig all those "old projects" out of the closet and finish them up! Here are the nuggets that surfaced from my mining. :)

1. Crochet Wool Skirt

My puzzle with this was whether I wanted to machine-sew the side seam and sew a lining into the skirt, or just put elastic on the waist and call it good. I've decided elastic in the name of "easy," with the knowledge that I can always rip it out and try again if I hate it. :)

2. Knit Silk-Wool Robe

Now, I LOVE this project, and would finish it in a heartbeat, if possible. But the simple fact is, who has the $$ to buy 20-30 skeins of half-silk-half-wool yarn in one sitting? So, I work on it as I can...this may not be completed at the end of summer, but I had to show you!

3. 1800s Knit Wool Shawl

I got this pattern from Fort Vancouver. It was written out by one of the mistresses of a Young Ladies' School in Scotland in the mid-1800s. The reason this project is undone is because I'm not sure how to edge it. I don't know how to pick up the ends and knit an edging, and I'm hesitant to just crochet around it. Hmm...Still haven't decided on a solution yet, but I will by August!

4. Crochet Merino Wool "Swing Jacket"

This project is undone because, sadly, I'm just a little short of blue wool, and consequently am in the midst of deciding how much to edge it with the burgundy. Another one I have yet to figure out...

5. Knit Wool "Bed Jacket" (aka, another sweater)

If nothing else, this post will inform you that I'm always cold, and like wool. :) Dilemma with this lovely pattern? I knit the edging a bit long, knowing it would felt, and planning to simply snip off the extra length. Just to be contrary, the wool didn't felt completely, and I'm consequently a bit wary about this cutting business. Guess I'll have to, though! If it doesn't work, I get to knit another five feet of edging - *groan* - so I hope it works!

6. Crochet Cotton Table Doily

This is my most pressing of projects, and one for which I didn't have to do any digging. It's a wedding gift for my violin teacher (I missed the wedding while I was in Utah...SO sad), and I am going to a reception in about two weeks, so it is first on the list to complete!

7. Crochet Chunky-Cotton, Super-Fun, Happy-Colored Pillow

Ok, so I really like this project! :) The front of the pillow is crocheted cotton, and for some fun texture-diversity I plan on sewing a satin backing. Procrastination point? I can't decide how I want the flowers! White squares? Green squares? Piled-up in a heap at the center? O-so-lame a reason to not have it finished, I know. But which would you do?

(No, the tails on the flowers are not permanent...they will disappear when the pillow is done!:)

And that is Operation Clean Out the Closet!

What's on your summer to-do list?


Four For France said...

This must run in the family! I have three such "works-in-progress" in my closet, too! You do beautiful work, Sarah! Amazing.

As for summer plans, I want to read at least one novel in French, visit the Tuilerie Gardens (I have lived near Paris for a year, and haven't been there yet!), write and practice sharing my testimony in French, find a mentor, and learn to cook rabbit.

Lynnae said...

WOW! That sounds ambitious...And hard :) You have done such a good job on those projects! My favorite is the Bed Jacket.

Besides gardening this year, Leisel and I are taking a trip to Wisconsin with our grandparents to see where they grew up. (And we are having a wonderful family over for the 4th of July :)

Jo said...

What a fun post! Those are all such lovely projects! As for the pillow, I think I would put the flowers on the green makes for a happy, good-kind-of-funky look. Of course, the white is smashing, too, and has a sweeter, softer look. At least to me. :p

This summer I want to learn how to make bread, deep clean our house (or at least go through and get rid of the junk), redo our schoolroom, and read as many books as possible. :)

Mikaela said...

I'm especially in love with the skirt and the cute! I can't wait to see them finished and on you, so...hurry up!!

As for my summer goals, I was thinking, "huh, I don't have any. I must be really lame." And then I realized, "Oh, yeah--finish college." Duh. No wonder I don't have anything else on my list!

SarahJayne said...

Aunt Jen, those are awesome summer goals! You must post a ton of pictures of the gardens when you go - and don't forget to blog about sharing your testimony. That will be an amazing story, I know already!

Lynnae, what a fun trip! I've never vacationed in Wisconsin (though we did drive through once)...take good pictures and blog good stories! As for the fourth - sounds like a blast! We're going to this totally awesome family's house that evening... :p

Jo, green squares it is! I was leaning towards that myself, and you helped tip the scales completely! :) Sounds like a busy summer...don't forget that we have to work a girls' week in there! :))

Mika, um...yeah. I think finishing college pretty much counts as a summer goal of monstrous proportions...good luck!