Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Watch-It Wednesday: A Picture of Faith

Have you ever found yourself sitting, minding your own business, when suddenly the urge to do something rather ridiculous...or at least unconventional...pops into your mind? Go buy that well-dressed lady's coffee for her. Run over and see if that young mother will let you bounce her fussing baby. Ask the older lady if you can walk her to her car. Sometimes the urge makes sense - Is the mother clearly frazzled by her Little's inability to calm down? - and sometimes it doesn't - Why would that designer-dressed lady need me to buy her coffee? This short video (stollen copied from mama's blog) convicted me heavily for ignoring the seemingly "random" promptings I am given. No matter how strange or insignificant the prompting may appear, stepping out in faith always brings glory to the King.

"To hear with my heart,
To see with my soul,
To be guided by a hand I can not hold,
To trust in a way that I can not see,
That's what faith must be." - "That's What Faith Must Be", Michael Card


Keri On said...

Ah, Sarah, I love that you put the lyrics to Michael Card's song down! Great conclusion!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Wow...that is powerful. And tear-inducing!

There was an older lady in our church - she's in glory now - and she always used to say (in Gaelic, and it doesn't 'feel' the same to me in English, but I will translate!).... "Obey the thought" - meaning just what your post is talking about...
A great reminder. God, give me grace to obey Your prompts.

Ruthie H. said...

Okay, now that I can comment again, I will say what I tried to say yesterday. Sarah, thank you for sharing this video - it was both amazing and convicting. I am always amazed at God's ways - let's just say, He is unconventional. :) And though He does not need our help, He loves to include His kids in the incredible work He is doing in hearts and lives around the world.

SarahJayne said...

Thanks, mama! I can't help but think of that song whenever I think of faith!
Anne, I am sure the phrase is much more beautiful in Gaelic, but I love it anyway - you're right, it's exactly what I was trying to say!
Ruthie, (yes, three cheers for Mika, right?) it is truly mind-boggling to realize how unneeded and how much-used we are! Our God is so *ahem* patient... :)