Saturday, May 7, 2011

So Many Saturday Smiles!

Today was a simply lovely day. That's not unusual, I'm loved by a God who spoils me rotten, but the last smile just filled my cup to the overflowing, so I had to share them all!

1. Fort Vancouver!
Behold the multiple layers and pounds I get to don on a Fort Vancouver day:
Of course, there are some layers that are not visible, as the dear ladies from the 1840s would be spinning in their graves if I showed "small clothes." (Actually, I have shown some of them, because the bright red is a flannel petticoat so enormous that five of me could fit in it if the drawstring went missing.) Anyway, I had a wonderful time teaching in the sewing department!

2. Quote!
When driving home from the Fort, Benjamin gave me quote from a man he had been talking with. I don't have the verbage exactly right, but here is the gist of it:
"Living with God is like walking backwards. You hold His hand, take each step in faith, and see in hindsight how perfect the path is."
3. Twinkles!
After driving home accompanied by a rainbow, I was greeted by these sweet Littles - I just love 'em!

4. Jenny!!!!!!!!!!
Not taken today, but...

19th century clothing isn't very practical for pizza in a modern kitchen, so when I got home, I slipped in to some sweats. It was a little early, but it felt silly to get all dressed up for a couple hours, only to change later for bed. "Are you sure you want to wear that right now? It's kind of early." Daddy informed me. "Well, I'll change if you want me to..." was my response, and daddy just shrugged, but a few minutes later I found out the reason for his question.
"They're here!" James shouted, banging open the door. I had no idea who "they" were, but I sure high-tailed it upstairs to change! Jo, Jonathan, and JENNY had shown up unexpectedly as a surprise for dinner and games! I didn't even know she was going to be home for the weekend...seeing her made me so happy!!

And so, I smiled all day long!


Lynnae said...

That looks like a fun Saturday :) Someday we would like to come see y'all while you're working at Fort Vancouver...
We had so much fun with all of you on Friday!!! Thank you SO much...

Lauren said...

I love hearing about what made you smile all day long! That quote is really amazing and thought-provoking, too! Thanks for sharing!

SarahJayne said...

Lynnae, we look forward to seeing you at the Fort sometime! We, too, had a fantabulous time Friday! :)
Lauren, I (obviously) really liked that quote as well! I had never really thought of the Christian walk in that way...