Monday, May 2, 2011


Tiny, fairy-formed pink china,
Encased in front by glass,
Allowed this sheltered glimpse of life
Continu'lly whirring past.
Until the o-so-special day,
Pulled from her shelf, and used in play.

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Keri On said...

Very nice, Sarah Jayne! Love the acrostic!

Lynnae said...

That is beautiful, Sarah! I love the picture...That is so cute!

Lauren said...

Don't you have those days where you just need an elegant cup of tea in a teacup? It tastes so much better than in a mug!

Ruthie H. said...

Very cute and clever! :)

SarahJayne said...

Ruthie, Mama, and Lynnae, thank you! :) I'm afraid my Monday post was rather scant, but it was fun to come up with, all the same! :p
Lauren, yes! There are just some times when it has to be in a teacup!