Monday, October 7, 2013

October in the Northwest!

October has begun,
And with it now has come
The days of golden light.
The Autumn now has come,
And with it has begun
The days of family hikes!

On Friday, we began our annual Afternoon-Hike-Family-Pizza-Movie-Night October tradition ~ and the weekend responded nicely with some stellar weather! Smith & Bybee Lakes were the walk of choice (that is to say, since option #1 was closed due to fallen trees), and we were awed by the incomparable beauty of the place we live! Great blue herons, white egrets, and various ducks (seen from a distance) floated on the lakes, and the deep, October sunshine warmed us right to our toes. It is on days like these that I wish I could soak the sunshine deep inside, but alas, I am not a flower.



As we walked through the high grass, a sudden serenade of music exploded behind me, which I recorded and now present to you as the sound of the Coder Boys in their natural habitat:

To really put a seal on our awe of God's amazinglybeautifulspectaculartherearenowordstodescribeit creation, yesterday afternoon was again lovely, and we set off as adventurers to a new hike: Latourell Falls! Kaytch joined us this time, and as we marched through the trees up to the falls, the woods resounded with laughs, songs, and "would dad count this as a trail?" (which translates to "can we go exploring here, or not?"). It was equally lovely, and the sunset at the end, shall see...

See? Totally unequalable! I love the Northwest. :)

What are you doing with your Autumn weather?


{Kaytra} said...

"it was paganini..." ;) They were blowing Amazing Grace!!!

That was such a fun outing!! Glad i slammed on my breaks. That sunset was totes worth it!!

Lauren said...

I have always been quite convinced that you *are* a flower! (-; These pictures and hikes look gorgeous--I absolutely love Autumn! We worked in the yard on Saturday, but we just as much reveled in the crisp air and beautiful sunshine as it sounds like you did!

Mikaela said...

Nothing like beautiful fall days! The hike-pizza-movie tradition sounds like a grand one!