Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Things They Say

Some of the biggest smiles in my life are Littles. My own three youngest siblings, the students who march through my door each week, and the cute kiddos I see at church and babysit ~ these are the ones that keep life hopping and happy. Besides the fun of teaching and playing with them, their constant stream of silliness (intentional, and otherwise) keeps me chuckling, no matter what the day has held. If you don't personally know the truth of this, here are some conversations that have taken place around here, lately...

Zach: "I was just breathing through my ear!"
*Various Siblings*: "That's impossible."
Zach: "No, really! Air was coming in and going out!"
Gracie: "You have an eardrum there, you can't breath through it!"
Methinks it's time for a discussion on air flow & anatomy.
Meg: "If actions speak louder than words, then they also speak louder than words in 'Whack'! Shouldn't that be true??"
Thanks, Meg! Now I have a logical defense when I find myself tongue-tied & have to just point at someone.
Me: (Placing supper on the table) "Ok you guys, time to eat!"
Little #1: "But...but...but...where's my fork?!?"
Me: "You don't have one yet. Run and get it!"
Little #2: "I have to go get my fork, too!"
Me: "Yep! Go for it!"
Little #3: (while sliding his fork back & forth across the table, yet in dead earnest) "I need a fork, too!"
Ahh, peer pressure, how young you start.
You know that part in The Pacifier when Murney has to play Mother Superior for The Sound of Music skit? We were suffering through watching it w/the younger kids, when Zach suddenly blurted out, "Wow! I never knew Mother Superiors had such hairy legs!"
...which causes me to stop and consider: Do Mother Superiors shave their legs?
Oh the things I would never wonder if it wasn't for Zachary.
Me: "Meg, put this away."
Meg: "Ewww!"
Me: "Big whoop. It's just clean underwear."
Zachary: "And if your a girl, you wear it every day!"
"If you're a girl"?? I don't even want to ask.
Then there's the list of instructions I had to give Maddy, all in one afternoon of knitting.
Please tell me, are these instructions rocket science? 'Cause she seemed to think they were...
"Maddy, you may not put your knitting needle in your nose!"
"Maddy, don't scratch your face with your knitting needle!"
"Maddy, get your knitting needle out of the chip bag!"
Note to self: knitting needles are complicated tools of {apparently} ambiguous purpose. So much for the explained-by-the-name theory.
What would we do without Littles?


Leslie said...

Sarah, I loved this! It made me laugh so hard... I love Littles, too! :D (Which is one of the reasons I love elementary school teaching so much!) May the wonders never cease!

Child of Infinity said...

Awww this is so adorable and really funny! :) I think my favorite was either the knitting needles or the underwear... Gotta love the Littles!

Rachel O'Dell said...

Oops! The above "child of infinity" would be an old google account of mine that the computer dredged up and mystically remembered instead of this one... hahaha... whoops.

Diwakar said...

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Cosette Spafford said...

That is so cute!... for some reason, I seem to know what your talkin' 'bout ;) It's totally fun!

Jennifer and Jonathan said...

Yay! Thanks for this bit of happiness! Tell 'em all "hi" for me!