Saturday, June 22, 2013

Super Students

It is past midnight. Full-length windows open, the sounds and air of Paris are blowing into our window as Charae and I chat and keep telling each other to go to bed. In eight short hours, we have to be packed, dressed, ready for service at Notre Dame, and set to leave Paris for our next destination, Noyon. As I am typing on an iPad (very creative keyboards I've been using, of late!) and have no new pictures uploaded, I find myself rather uninspired to attempt the tackling of all that has passed since last I "signed in". There is so much....

However, I have here a treat that will make up for all that I lack in inspiration, and then some! Have I ever mentioned that I have the coolest music students in the world? Yep. I truely do. In fact, that was the real reason behind this trip: to search the world over and see if there were any students more fun, cool, and amazing than mine. You know what? There aren't. Just to touch the tip of the iceberg in proof, here's a fantastic video that showed up in my inbox the other day:

These girls are super students. Be inspired. Happy Saturday!

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Annalise said...

You have not told us about your students. I got to know Anne, Claudia, Noah, Natalie, Faith, and Joanna. During ensemble. That was fun. That was cool, and I probably couldn't do that unless I practiced a lot. You do have cool students.