Monday, June 17, 2013

A Piece of My Heart

Kaytra, me, and Charae at Chateau Chenonceau

It's hard to believe we have been gone six whole days already.

It's hard to believe we left only six days ago.

I find it nearly impossible to describe our time here. Descriptions do not - cannot - do justice to the last almost-a-week we have spent here.

The three of us at Chateau Montrésor
Were I to sit here deliberating for an hour, I still would be unable to find the words that could generate the sweetest of first-impression-feelings in your hearts that I felt our first morning, when Aunt Jenn gave us a walking tour of this precious town of Loches.

Were I to wax eloquent for paragraphs, I could not make you feel the reaching I feel as I try to grasp the crowds of years that have stretched, the thousands of stories that have been, the lives of the people who were - life & death, blessing & curses, good & evil - in the places we have seen.

We have been here four days, and have one more full day in Loches; I feel tied here. I will hate to leave, even as I look ahead to all the wonderful days to come. I love being here with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. I love the way of life here, as I have seen it in these last (albeit few) days.

There is something indescribable, beautiful, and wonderful about this place. And it's not just the abundant roses and window boxes, rich histories, or cobblestone streets. Kaytra put it well this morning: "We love this town because God loves this town, and He is doing wonderful things in this town."

We have toured amazing chateaus, heard incredible stories, and met Christians with whom we share no words, but something - someOne - more beautiful: a Savior. We have marveled at the 11th century architecture, sampled delectable macaroons, and learned much from the wisdom of those around us. We are bound for more adventures, but we leave a part of our hearts here, in a tiny town in France.

I will be back, someday.


Keri On said...

That is wonderful, Sarah! Thank you for sharing those thoughts and sights and perspectives on Loches!
Love you!

Lauren said...

What a perfect description--it puts all of us in your suitcase with you on the trip! I've been thinking about you all and praying for you from the moment your plane left the ground--thanks for the update!

Mikaela said...

Thanks for taking us along, Sarah! I know how precious those moments on trips are, and I feel so spoiled that you've taken some of those moments to document the journey for us! Love ya!

Ben said...

...but... you are coming home before you go back there... right?...

Great post Sar; thanks for keeping us updated!!

Annalise said...

Now I have to wait my turn! (If it ever comes)I'm jealous already! Please! don't make me more jealous with your posts. The chateau sounds so fascinating. I will try to keep up with your blog and comments. You girls look like your having such a fun time.