Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Watch-It Wednesday: Genius

Are you a good person?

What are your morals?
Where do they come from?
If you could steal two million dollars and never get caught, would you?

"Genius" is Ray Comfort's newest video (if you haven't watched "180" yet, you can see it here) discussing the life of John Lennon and the morality of our culture today. With poignant questions designed to help the unsaved identify their need for a Savior, this movie serves as a powerful reminder to Christians of our need to be daily speaking the truth (even the "hard truth" of "you're a sinner") to others, in a loving way.

Two words: Watch This. It will be a well-spent half hour.

Note: if you're in the 13-and-under age bracket, please grab your parents before clicking 'play'.

Thanks to our Jesus for His redemption. Go out ready to speak boldly, this Wednesday


Hanny said...

I really liked 180. I'll definitely check this one out too. I admire Ray's boldness and his faithfulness to proclaim the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

SarahJayne said...

Hanny - yes, 180 was so good to watch. I certainly respect him...such a passion for reaching the lost is both convicting and encouraging.