Monday, January 7, 2013

Make-It Monday: It's the New Year!!


Today I am making...

♥ New Year's Resolutions.

♥ 2013 "Book List" (includes books and authors). What are some of your "To-Reads" for 2013? I would love recommendations!

♥ my "Daily Schedule"...

♥ Studio schedules, competitions, and prize lists!!! :) it must truly be the beginning of 2013. Wow. I will save the attempt of relaying the overwhelming thoughts of where I've been and where I'm going for another day...

...but in the meantime, the end of 2012/Christmas vacation means I will be going through withdrawals from all sorts of fun.

From our annual New Year's Ball....

Some of the Ladies ~ Back Row: Rachel, Me, {Gracie}, Kaytra, Emily
Front Row: Madeline, Megan
Some of the Gentlemen ~ Back: James
Front: Friend Austin, Zachary, Friend Jonah
Grandma (and Grandpa) came this year!
The Whole Gang! the "adoption ceremony" of some dear friends...

It started with breakfast, and some of the best hot chocolate EVER!

Me an' Jenny (one of the adoptees)

Jonathan (the other adoptee) and Ben
Emily, Jo (previously 'adopted') and Rachel
Then we were off for ice skating!

"We girls" after the skates came off!
Rachel, Emily, Jo, Me, Jenny
Then we came home, watched "Kidnapped", played games, and generally enjoyed each other's company! I present to you all the Coder children: now a happy 13 in number! :) the fabulous White-Elephant-Dress-Like-A-Portlander (which really means anything goes) Party.

Our magnanimous host and hostess: Tai and Kaytch!!
The whole gang - aren't we a lovely bunch??

I am so blessed with this group of friends with which I have been surrounded. People who dance Regency dances with us, our dear "new" siblings, and (of course) the gang above, which constitutes the young people in my church. Plus, all of them genuinely love the LORD, and are seeking His will in life. Yep. Besties all around (who enjoy being crazy as much as I do! - how cool is that? :)

Welcome, 2013!


Hanny said...

Our relationships with others really define who we are while we're here and when we're gone. I'm glad you get to experience the joy of so many Christian friends. Your blog is always so positive:)

Lauren said...

What sweet memories! Of course, much of your to-do list is ditto-ed on my end, so it's busy as ever over here! See you tonight!