Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: How Majestic is Your Name

Back in May, all of us girls were spoiled with a chance to get away to the beach for a weekend. We spent several relaxing days eating snacks, walking the beach, reading books, and watching chick flicks (ok...and the last 20 minutes of a Star Wars. Ya know the one where Yoda of the bad guys? Yeah, the twins got a kick out of the flying little green guy). I barely posted about it, but Emmy put up a few pix here. ANYway, the last weekend in July, the guys took off for their weekend away. Destination? Yellowstone Park. They drove 12 hours to get there on Friday, spent Saturday and Sunday marvelling at what the Lord has made, and booked it back in another 12 hours on Monday. They were all simply amazed at all they saw in those two days alone, and excitedly showed us a slide show of some of the pictures/videos they took while there. All they could say the whole 13 minutes was "And it's so much more amazing in person! These pictures do not do it credit!"

As I was reading one of my favorite Psalms today (Psalm 8), I was reminded of Keith Green's wonderful musical rendition of the psalm, and was about to share it with you when I remembered Benj used it as one of the songs for the slide show - and I thought it very fitting to show ya'll. It is amazing to me, this world our King has created! Included in the pix are Old Faithful, the The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and much, much more! Enjoy!

"Oh LORD, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth."


Lynnae said...

That looks like a lot of fun! But I know how that is, you just can't capture some of that scenery with a camera!

Red said...

I would definetly recommend the twelve-hour drive there and back...As well as the time getting to and from our hotel room to Yellowstone and the time in the car once inside Yellowstone, as well as the hikes. It is totally worth it.