Monday, December 26, 2011

The Best-Most-Biggest-Favorite Parts of Christmas

1. The gift that made me smile the biggest:

Mama gave all of us Kelly dolls! Originally, just the Twinkles were going to get them, but mama told me that she soon realized we all would want one "And no one gives them to you any more!" So...I got the "Princess" Kelly doll. And, *grins* I LOVE it!! Isn't she a sweetie?

2. The note (given to me by a student who claims to despise the piano) that gave me the biggest grin:

"Thank you for teaching piano to me. Even though I really don't like piano it has been rather fun learning new songs. Merry Christmas."

3. The gift that I (and a few others) have already gained the most weight from:

The note with this delectable gift read "This could be a year's supply...but it doesn't have to be!" Haha, Josh. :)

4. The most hilarious duo in the kitchen from the day:

5. The absotively-posolutely favorite gift we, the children, gave our parents:

A weekend at the Portland White House bed-and-breakfast. Yup, they were suprised! :)

6. The most-wrapped-items-for-one-ultimate-gift present we gave daddy:

6. The gift I've already enjoyed the most (again, thanks to Joshua!) :

Chris Rice Hymn Arrangement Book Lovely, beautiful arrangements.

7. The gift that got the most screams:

To "the Coder Ladies" from "their gentleman friend." Mmm-hmmm. Think Ben has good taste? :)

We had a lovely Christmas. I so enjoyed the focus that going to church in the morning gave. In fact, a couple friends and I are scheming to organize something for our church to do on Christmas next year. We'll see if we succeed, but it is a testimony to how much we like celebrating as a church family! Praises to our King for His unfathomable, incomprehensible, selfless, mind-boggling gift. He is so good to us.


Breanne said...

Glad you all had fun! Aren't those chocolates, you know what I mean! Yum yum!

Mikaela said...

Would you believe I have no idea what Kelly dolls are? But how fun to get a doll for Christmas--I love it! And your gift for your parents sounds stupendous. Seriously, I was so excited for everything I had to give this year, that I just couldn't wait for them to open the gift up. I think it is definitely more fun to give than receive. ;-)

Lynnae said...

Those gifts look amazing! We had a wonderful time too. I think I was as excited about ever body else's gifts as I was my own...We also received for the fam three super-sweet gifts from some very dear friends :) Thanks SO much! WE love them!

Lauren said...

I love your silhouettes, and can't wait to see them! I also have to agree about going to church on Christmas morning--I love how it focuses you on Christ!

Kirsteen said...

I have no idea what a Kelly doll is either, but I'm guessing they are probably a US toy.

Looks like you did have a lovely time together!

Donna said...

It looks and sounds like you had a beautiful Christmas!!! Those silhouettes are an amazing and lovely gift. It's fun to get a peek into your special holiday...

SarahJayne said...

Breanne, thanks for following, and the comment! Yes, the chocolates were ah-maz-ing! One week later, they are all (but one) gone. But I promise, I shared most of 'em...a lot of 'em...some of 'em! :)
Mika, no - I can't believe you don't know about Kelly dolls! They are the "little girl" barbies: the ones with the cute dresses and sweet, innocent faces! :)
Nae-Nae, we received this awesome photo book from some dear family friends which has taken up permanent residence on our coffee table. It was def the year for good gifts! ;)

SarahJayne said...

Lauren, it was beautiful, wasn't it? I love how it made us all lock into focus! :)
Kirsteen, "Kelly Dolls" are small, plastic dolls about 4 inches high (as I told Mika above, they are the "little girl" version of Barbies...if you know what those are? :)
Mrs. Stephan, we were very excited to give the silhouettes! (and we also really like how they look!) I loved seeing some pix of your Christmas on Jo's blog, too. :)