Monday, March 21, 2016

five minute friday (on a Monday): Surprise

It was a surprise. A shock. Unheard of, unconsidered.

The Creator would wrap Himself in the created?

The boundless God would be confined to an infant's body?

The One Who Owns the Worlds would not even have a cradle in which to be laid?

The greatest Wisdom would be called demon-possession?

The King of kings would answer to a governor?

The Only Righteous would be punished for sin?

The Slain would rise again?

It was more than a surprise. It was unfathomable.

And yet, it was Truth.

five minute friday: Writing for five minutes on a theme. Skip the edits. Skip the considerations. Just write. And post.


Lauren said...

There are so many ways in which Christ goes against what human nature would expect, and yet isn't it that very fact that is another proof of His divinity? Thanks for sharing this beautiful poetry!

Rachel said...

It makes me think of Michael Card lyrics - I like it a lot. :)

Mikaela said...

This is really good...