Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Watch-It Wednesday: Multilinguist Disney

Hello, hello! Guess what? Beginning this coming Monday, I think I'll be back to a regular posting schedule -- gotta be excited about that. :p

But in the meantime, a friend told me about this video and - all comments about the actual song aside - it pretty much hit #1 on my youtube videos for the last...while. :) I LOVE getting to hear all the different languages! Which one is your favorite?

Have a multilingual Wednesday! :D


Red said...

I like that a lot as well! I think my favourite language for the song is the Serbian as she starts across the bridge. But agreed, they all are fun to listen to!

Unknown said...

I would have to pick English for my favorite language, as it is the one I speak best! However, I didn't hear a single language that I didn't like; in fact, I wish I could speak them all!

{Kaytra} said...

Flemish? from what country doth that come? it sounded amazing tho!! I did like the Japanese and the Thai!! :)