Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Her face was warm, her light, a balm
That cold October night.
Bright comfort in a black of calm,
When my soul needed light.

Chilled, quiv'ring sparks before her bowed
Above, in sky's great hall,
And I - I lay upon the ground,
'Midst wooded sent'nels, tall.

Away, her black and glassy dome
Arched far beyond my touch.
Like pains & fears in my heart, home,
That troubled me so much.

And there it was, her gentle rays
Whispered-reminders sent.
As long as wander'rs seek a way
She guides the heaven-bent.

Magnificent, and glowing high,
Her duty is to raise,
Her light against a light-void sky
And voice in pure-white praise.

Silence and peace, in harmony,
Entwine against the fears.
And when the dawn's dew fell to me
It met with thankful tears.

1 comment:

Cosette V. Spafford said...

That was lovely, Sarah!!!
Thanks for sharing...