Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Birthday Card

Dearest Twinkles in my eye,
Sweeter than an apple pie,
I wish, today, I was with you,
To celebrate your birthday, too!
 But since, instead, I'm miles away,
On this, your special 8th birthday,
I'm sending you upon a quest.
Follow the clues to know the rest!

But first, my dears, I need to say,
"Happy, Happy 8th Birthday!"
I miss you much, and love you more;
This year, I know, God has in store
So much for you to learn and do,
Be sure to love Him ~ He so loves you!
Obey and listen ~ spread His Joy
And Hope to every girl and boy!

Love again! Now here's the clue ~
Think carefully; It's up to you!


I have many hammers, but they're not for nails
Keys and pedals, but I don't drive
When pushed, I sing, when left, I'm silent
My sound makes the household come alive 


Rachel said...

So much fun, Sarah! We are about to listen to the cd.

Lauren said...

What a sweet birthday hunt!

Spafford said...

Happy Birthday Twinkles!! Blessings from the Lord.

Happy 8th

The Spafford's

Pooja Mittal said...

Hey, nice post sweets....
Maybe we can follow each other..!!
Keep in touch