Monday, June 25, 2012

30 Day Book Challenge! Day 24: Social Renown

Day 24: What is a book you wish more people would have read?

Hmmm...I admit it, I asked my little bro for advice on this question. Basically, I think it would be incredible if more people would have read all the books I've read, but that's not specific enough. Therefore, my answer (thanks to Zachary) is:

The Princess and the Goblin is another George MacDonald I grew up on. It's the tale of Princess Irene (who is a true princess!), who is never permitted to see the evening sky because of grotesque, resentful, soft-footed-no-toes goblins who lurk about in the dark. It's the tale of Curdie, the coal-miner's son, who works deep in the home of the goblins - the dark underground coal mines - and thus discovers the secret plot of the goblins' to kill all in the castle and kidnap the princess. It's the tale of Princess Irene's mysterious and magical, but undeniably good grandmother, who is really her "more greats than you can imagine" grandmother, and who, depsite her age, has no age, and is invisible to those who don't believe. It is a lovely, fantastic, imaginative fairy tale about faith, honor, sacrifice, and love.


"That same morning, early, the princess woke in a terrible fright. There was a hideous noise in her room - of creatures snarling and hissing and racketing about as if they were fighting. The moment she came to herself, she remembered something she had never thought of again - what her grandmother told her to do when she was frightened. She immediately took of her ring and put it under her pillow. As she did so, she fancied she felt a finger and thumb take it gently from under her palm. 'It must be my grandmother!' she said to herself, and the thought gave her such ourage that she stopped to put on her dainty little slippers before running from the room."


"'I've brought Curdie, grandmother. He wouldn't believe what I told him, and so I've brought him.'
'Yes - I see him. He is a good boy, Curdie, and a brave boy. Aren't you glad you have got him out?'
'Yes, grandmother. But it wasn't very good of him not to believe me when I was telling him the truth.'
'People must believe what they can, and those who believe more must not be hard upon those who believe less. I doubt if you would have believed it all yourself if you hadn't seen some of it.'
'Ah! yes, grandmother, I daresay. I'm sure you are right. But he'll believe now.'
'I don't know that,' replied her grandmother.
'Won't you, Curdie?' said Irene, looking round at him as she asked the question.
He was standing in the middle of the floor, staring and looking strangely bewildered....
'I don't see any grandmother,' answered Curdie gruffly.


What George MacDonald's have you read?


Lynnae said...

Oh...I love that story! I've had it read to me once, and read it to Annalise also. I think it is such a sweet story!!! Other than that, Charae read a handful of his other books to Leisel and me :)

Lauren said...

I've only read Back of the North Wind and *whispers* I thought it was sort of boring. I know, I know...sacrilege. (-: I'm up to giving him another chance sometime!

SarahJayne said...

Nae-Nae, I'm glad you've enjoyed it, too! Have you ever read the sequal? It was really good as well!
Lauren, for shame! Though honestly, I suppose, At the Back of the North Wind was not perhaps the best for you to start with. Read about the Princess and Curdie, and you will be forever hooked, I promise!