Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Year - Imagine That!

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Do you know what today is? Today is my first bloggy-birthday - isn't that exciting?? One year ago today I
was reallyandtruly introduced to the world of blogger. One year ago today I began the never-ending fun of playing with blog designs. One year ago today I typed my first four-lines-of-a-blog-post.

One year.          115 posts.          Imagination.          Smiles.          Lessons.          Colors.

And, of course, YOU!!! :)

In celebration of the fun, I'm hosting a give away! What do you suppose it could be? Come come, you've been reading my blog, what's your best guess?

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You're right - a book!

But not just any book. It's not a romance, not a classic, not a forgotten old treasure, but a book that had me hooked at the preface, nonetheless. A chewing book, according to Sir Francis Bacon's definition. It is, in fact, Anthony Esolen's ten ways to destroy the imagination of your child. In this poignant, witty satire on all aspects of child-rearing - from school to "play dates" - Esolen submits for your review 10 easy steps with which to destroy the imagination of any child. An excerpt from the preface:

"We must, then, kill the imagination. The ideal, of course, would be to cease having children, but that might have some adverse effect upon the long-range economic prosperity, besides threatening certain industries with extinction - the manufacturers of tasteless clothing, for instance, and importers of refined sugar. Since we must have children, we should be sure to subject them to all the most efficient and humane techniques to fit them for the world in which they will live, a world of shopping malls all the same everywhere, packaged food all the same, paper-pushing all the same, mass entertainment all the same, politics all the same. We owe it to them, and, what is more important, they owe it to us...."

There now, doesn't that whet your literary appetite? Wouldn't you like to read such a book for yourself? Well, let me tell you how to enter to win it!

imagine ~
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~ Post something imaginative on your blog - it could be a story you've written, a quote you read, a photo you took, a video you made...use your imagination! - and leave a comment on this post with the link!

Extras: (one comment for each additional entry)
~ Leave a comment with the title and author of a book that has most sparked your imagination
~ Follow The Lord's Lass
~ Leave a comment with the title and author of one of your favorite "chewing" books

Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm of Thursday, March 23, 2012. Good luck, and happy imagining!

NOTE: The drawing is open to both U.S. and international bloggers! :)


Kirsteen said...

Happy first blogiversary!

Sounds like a great book. Hmm, does it count if I share something one of my boys has done, because their imaginations are WAY better than mine!!

Ruthie H. said...

Happy one-year anniversary, Sarah! I have certainly enjoyed reading your posts! :)

SarahJayne said...

Kirsteen, yes, you can post something imaginative that your boys did!
Ruthie, thanks! :)

Lauren said...

Happy blogoversary, Sarah! I posted something imaginative here:

Let me know if you can relate to any of my imaginings! (-;

Lauren said...

I follow Lass of the Lord!

Lauren said...

One of my favorite "chewing" books is "Kept for the Master's Use" by Frances Ridley Havergal--the author of Take My Life and Let it Be. The book is actually like a study on the hymn, and is very convicting and excellent!

Four For France said...

I didn't see the fine print, but I can imagine that the contest is open to US residents only! Nevertheless, I wanted to play along. I wrote a post about the practical side of imagination at fourforfrance.blogspot.com. Just FYI, one of my favorite "chewing" books is a tiny little book called IF by Amy Charmichael.