Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: Backyardigans.

Caleigh has cursed me. Whenever I have a down moment, this is the song going through my head:

It's the introduction to her very-favorite show...and unfortunately for me, the song is incredibly catchy when you've heard it multiple times. Which I have. I've heard this little ditty five, ten, maybe twenty times - so it's pretty much stuck in my brain. Naturally, this means I have to share the love around so you all can be "backyard friends", too!

Happy Wednesday! If it's nice outside where you are (read: you don't have an inch of snow and 30mph winds), go play in your back yard! :)


Rachel said...

Jayce, you're not outside in that beautiful weather? Ours is just cloudy and rainy making you want to read a book (not involved with school:). Love yah! Thanks for the song. :P

Emily said...

Wow - what a song! :-) Yeah, I can imagine that get's very...."catchy". :-)

Breanne said...

Oh boy...don't I know that song well enough! (and all the songs in between!)

Eistear de BĂșrca said...

Hello there,

Came across your blog through One Bright Corner (I think) - any excuse to get away from the study!! Thought I'd say hi because I was homeschooled, and am the oldest of ten kids....and I'm Irish! I may be a regular visitor, if that's okay with you:)

Love in Christ,

SarahJayne said...

Breanne - haha! so you know how it felt... :p
Eistear - hi and thanks for commenting! Yep, the gals over at One Bright Corner are dear friends of mine...I'm glad you ended up here. That is so cool that you're the oldest of 10 and homeschooled, and absolutely awesome that you're Irish! :D I'd love to have you visit often! :)