Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Traditions (Food)

At Bible study Sunday night, Mr. C asked everyone what he/she was most looking forward to about Thanksgiving. A great question but...the answer wasn't allowed to have anything to do with food.


Yes. You read that right.

The best thing about Thanksgiving, minus the food.


I mean, obviously my favorite thing about Thanksgiving isn't the food. Right?

But my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the traditions we have...and it just so happens that these traditions mostly revolve around...


You get my drift? Excellent. Moving on.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving! First on the to-do list was the decoration of gingerbread houses!

When we were younger, everyone got his own house. Now we're older - and we split 'em. Each "child" decorates one side - and we have heaps of fun! This is the one Meg and I made (my side, but the decor on the tippy-top is Megan's :) :

After the candy and "glue" is cleared away, it's time for the Middles and Littles to set the table while the food preparations take place. Don't forget Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim (our salt and pepper shakers)!

A few evenings ago, the family conversation was disturbed by some sort of argument taking place between James and Zachary. Due to some stellar interrogation skills (honed and perfected by mama), we discovered the cause: Zach was trying to make "Mr. and Mrs. Pepper" kiss. "But mom," Zach explained with giggles, "They're both too fat - it doesn't work!" (For those of you now concerned for poor Mr. and Mrs. P's relationship, mama discreetly investigated this report after the matter was calmed, and found that it was actually quite possible for the two to kiss, despite their stoutness).

Dinner was delicious, the main course being, of course, Bob the Turkey:

Why is his name Bob? you ask,

Well, it all began many years ago...

..but that's a story for another post. For the past two years, mama has brined the turkey two days before Thanksgiving in an Apple Cider Brine. The result is the most savory, juicy, flavorful turkey you've ever eaten. Practically melts in your mouth. "I am never cooking another turkey ever again!" Grandma exclaimed, as she sampled mama's masterpiece, "Why not?" we all asked, rather dismayed. "Because if I ever want turkey, I'm just going to have you make it for me!"

Other "traditions" in the meal department included mashed potatoes:

This year, on a whim, I added lemon juice and rosemary to the potatoes. I really like having the extra bit of tangy-ness...and I didn't hear any complaints! :)

And sparkling apple cider is a must-have at our holiday meals!

In addition, there was an ah-maz-ing artichoke dish and jello that Grandma made, "Felicity" green beans (cooked in butter, milk, and salt), Maple-Glazed Parsnips and Carrots, homemade whole wheat rolls, and two other dishes I don't particularly care for (dressing and cranberry sauce). Actually, I do like dressings, so long as you hold the croutons. (Mama informs me that it isn't really dressing without the croutons, but...)

The spread:

The gang (no one pays attention to cameras anymore! :)

After dinner, Grandpa pulled out his computer and showed us pictures of his and Grandma's recent European Tour (visit Papa's blog to see some of them!). Then, it was time for pie and coffee!

Emily made Nantucket Cranberry Pie, (left), Papa made an apple pie (center), and I made our "we-have-it-every-Thanksgiving" Peanut Butter Silk Cream Pie (hmm...could you have guessed which was mine by the "decorating"? :)

A slice of each, if you please! :)

It was a good Thanksgiving. I love that, as a nation, we have a day set aside each year to count our blessings. How was your Thanksgiving?


Kirsteen said...

Thanks so much for 'sharing' your Thanksgiving with us. We don't celebrate it over here, but it's a tradition I've always fancied adopting!

I'm all in favour of three slices of pudding too :0)

Lauren said...

Yes, I could have guessed your pie by the adorable heart! But I'm seriously considering if our friendship is now in jeopardy because of the fact that you dislike cranberry sauce...this is a major problem, my dear! (-: However, since, as you pointed out, Thanksgiving is not about the food, I suppose I'll overlook it for now.

Mikaela said...

So fun to see pictures of your celebration! We've had quite good success brining our turkey as well, though this year we tried something different. I love your dad's choice of attire, too. ;-) So very thanksgiving-esque! ;-)

SarahJayne said...

Kirsteen, yes, we love our Thanksgiving here in the states! I would definitely recommend adopting the holiday! ;)

Lauren, I beg forgiveness for my offense. What can I say? This is the first year I haven't forced myself to gag it down because I'm supposed to "like it when I grow up"...I blame in on texture, since I technically should love all the flavors...

Mika, the herb idea sounds delicous, too! Which do you think you prefer? And yes, I also love dad's shirt. :) He's had it a day or two -- we kids gave it to him when Rachel was the baby! :p (don't you hope you can still fit in the same clothes 14 years later??) ;)