Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Cast

Yesterday afternoon Meg and I went with Maddy and mama to get the arm set (when she broke it Thursday, they just splinted it). I really think my little sis is braver than I am. When the doctor popped her arm back into place, her sweet little face got suddenly very red, and her blue eyes got very wet, but no tears fell, and not a sound did she make. The real pain, though, came a few minutes later, as she was having her cast fitted. As the (doctor? nurse? I don't know) was squeezing the cast to shape it, her poor little lip began to tremble, and at last she turned her face the other way and covered her eyes with her left hand. Still, not a sound came from her baby-mouth (I know she's six, but at times like these she is definitely still my baby sis), but tears began to pour down her red face, and her breathing turned quick and heavy. Megan and I were not so brave. I had to grab a seat suddenly to keep from passing out, and Meggy and I hugged each other, on the verge of tears, and called whatever sweet things to Maddy we could think of. She was so precious, when it was done, lying there trying to regain her equilibrium without being noisy. Mama says she has completely cleared herself of her reputation from last time she was in the hospital, when she SCREAMED at every nurse, doctor, or assistant who dared to peek into her room. How brave she is!

After the cast was set, they had an X-ray to make sure the bone was straight, and for about ten minutes we were all on pins and needles, because the bone wasn't completely straight, and we weren't sure if the doctor would have to cut the cast and re-set it (can you imagine the poor baby going through that again?). We were so glad and thankful to the Lord when doctor told us it was fine where it was. Right now, the bone is about 10 degrees off - which he says is fine for a wee person, because it will grow back straight even from there - but she has to go in for another X-ray on Wednesday to make sure it hasn't shifted off anymore. If it does... li'l Maddy will have to do yesterday all over again. Pray for her!

Practicing eating with her left hand
However, while she would definitely be scared to go again - now knowing now exactly what it feels like - she was quick to bounce out of it, and melted mama and my hearts when she told daddy on the phone that "It did hurt me a little, and I had to cry some, but it's ok."

Ahhh Maddy girl. She is very excited about her deep purple cast, though! :)


Emily said...

Aww, she's been such a sweetie! Love the pics you've gotten of her! :-)

Kirsteen said...

I would have chosen a purple cast too! It's my favourite colour.

Did they not give her some pain relief when straightening? Ouch! Over here, they would probably have put her to sleep to do something like that.

SarahJayne said...

Kirsteen, the doctor gave us several was to put her to sleep, and the other was to give her a shot to numb the pain. He didn't recommend putting her to sleep, and he told us that usually the child is more traumatized by being poked with a needle than setting the bone. Because she had been so tough and brave, mama said to try it with out the medication. She did just fine...but I'm not sure I could have been that brave! ;/