Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Watch-It Wednesday: It's a Book!

An aisle in Literary Leftovers
(taken with my back hard against waist-high piles of books!)
 As I stepped again (at last!) across the threshold, that familiar flutter which makes me want to twirl and giggle to myself for happiness set my skin a-tingling. The smell of hundreds of musty and dusty old books - some a hundred years old, some only two - wafted towards me as I picked my way carefully along the narrow aisles, hedged in by bookcases and mounds of books.

Ahhhh. Literary Leftovers. Probably my favorite bookstore ever.

I frequent it rarely, because when I'm in that little, hole-in-the-wall shop, I loose all track of time. Today I fingered some 80-year-old books by Harold Bell Wright, smiled at an identical (though slightly more worn) 1952 edition of American poetry which sits on my shelf here at home, and skimmed one section of one side of the first bookcase.


It was lovely. I have to go back there again soon!

But moving on. This little clip made me grin. Who wants to bet that in a hundred years, this could be a reality for many? (Though not, of course, for any of my descendants. I shall strictly charge them to always - ALWAYS - own the physical book of any story they love!) :)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Lauren said...

I adore that! Thank you so much for sharing--it made my day! I'm warming up to the Kindle idea, but I'll forever be attached to actual books!

Mikaela said...

How come you haven't taken me to this bookstore? For shame!

I'll forgive you since you shared this clip, though--how cute! I love the hat on the monkey, too. ;-)

Lynnae said...

I loved that clip!!! And that book store sounds so cool! I am half way through Harold Bell Wright's "Their Yesterdays"...And I love it. (Though I a reading it off of my Dad's Ipad :)

Ruthie H. said...

Loved the video clip! How timeless books are.

SarahJayne said...

Lauren, yes, I'm becoming sold on the Kindle least so far as being used for school, and trying out books before you buy them... :p
Mikaela, we'll be sure to go next time you come visit me! Speaking of which... :)
Lynnae, you should really check it out! And I love Harold Bell Wright's Their Yesterdays - it's one of my favorites! However, you should really get the book... :p
Ruthie, Yeppers!