Monday, April 4, 2011

Some Random Style!

style: A distinctive manner of expression

Lauren from One Bright Corner has bestowed upon me the great honor of the Stylish Blogger Award! If, as Webster's dictionary claims, style is distinct, it would follow that style is unique. And if style is unique it would follow that the samples of styles found would be rather random. And if styles are random...what is more natural than to require that the acceptor of such an esteemed award list seven random facts about oneself before passing on this prestigious title? So, with a sincere hope that I do not bore you to the point of tears, I hereby list my seven points of randomness:

1. I have never liked any sneaker- or tennis-shoe-reminiscent foot covering (I believe this has something to do with the fact that I mostly wear skirts, and I dread the homeschooler cliche of "jean-skirt-and-tennis-shoes-with-white-bobby-socks"). And then, one day, it was love at first sight for me and a certain pair of these offending shoes. They are big, black, clumpy, and squeaky, and I trip over them almost as often as I take a step, but for some, inexplicable reason, I think they're wonderful (and I've even worn them with jean skirts)!

2. I have Raynaud's Phenomenon - a disease usually triggered and aggravated by smoking cigarettes. Hmm... I've never even spent the night in the same house as a smoker...

3. My favorite age so far was 17. I couldn't really tell you was just a lovely age and year!

4. Before I went to England, I hated scarves. Two and a half years later, I own twenty of them.

5. I have never been snowboarding, water skiing, backpacking, or skydiving. I don't care about the snowboarding. I'm not sure, but I think I'd like to go skydiving. And water skiing and backpacking are definitely on my bucket list.

6. Poetry in general is fantastic, but Robert Frost... ahhhhh

7. All-time favorite quote: " is that of an unsatisfied desire which is itself more desirable than any other satisfaction. I call it Joy..." (Surprised by Joy, C.S. Lewis)

And now I get to share the fun! I hereby do tag the following people, and sternly charge them to share their seven random facts and pass on this o-so-honorable award:

Karissa from A Daughter's Devotion
Kirsteen from Life in My Houseful of Boys
Mama from Keri--On

Have fun!


Mikaela said...

I immediately turned to count my stash of have me beat by about seven! (And you're going to have to show me these black, squeaky shoes.)

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Now, I wonder why, when you came to England, you fell in love with scarves?? Somehow, I think it had more to do with that biting wind than it had to do with fashion!!

Lauren said...

I knew I'd love your random facts! I've done water skiing, backpacking, and snowboarding. Don't bother with snowboarding, and it's probably best to avoid backpacking in 90 degree weather, but water skiing is heavenly! We'll have to do it together some time!

Ruthie H. said...

Sarah, thanks for sharing such fun facts! I love the quote from C.S. Lewis. And, I have never gone snowboarding, water skiing or skydiving and I am pretty sure I never will. I have gone backpacking and it was a memorable experience. :)

Kirsteen said...

Thanks so much for tagging me! You'll have to give me a few days to think of some suitably interesting random facts but I''l get them posted soon!

SarahJayne said...

Mikaela, we should discuss scarves so we don't bring duplicates to Utah! Your houndstooth, my pink... :)
Anne, the cold probably was the reason I bought so many! Stylish or not, though, there were simply more people wearing them (and thus, more examples of ways to tie them) in London than there are in Battle Ground! ;)
Lauren, sounds like a plan! Shall we do it this summer??
Ruthie, is there are good story behind your 'memorable experience'?
Kirsteen, it took me a ridiculous amount of time to come up with 7 facts - I can't understand why? :) I look forward to reading yours, though!